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Introducing The NEW Hartmann HLP-410-GS:M Wheel

Posted on May 10, 2013 – 11:16 am

In May of 2008 we asked local Audi and Volkswagen enthusiasts about a possible new wheel style we had considered adding to the Hartmann Wheel line-up. It was clearly a hit but priorities meant we had to put the idea on hold for a bit. Since then we had seen similar styles pop up from other brands and it was clear the automotive industry was embracing the once popular mesh style from the early 80′s. Our German partners were recently asked to produce a high quality, TUV approved wheel in the design we once asked about and we jumped at the opportunity to add the retro-styled, German-quality wheel to the Hartmann line-up. While we might be a bit late to the game, we are proud to announce the latest addition to the Hartmann family – the HLP-410-GS:M!


In similar Hartmann fashion, the low-pressure heat treated cast wheel is painted a high-gloss silver then diamond-cut machined on the face.  A clear-coat completes the process for a durable, lasting finish! Current sizes are 19×8.5 with either a +38 or +45mm offset – available to fit most of the Audi and Volkswagen models and they weigh 27 lbs. You’ll be able to find these in our online store here.




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2 of 4 Hartmann Wheel Containers Have Arrived

Posted on May 3, 2013 – 9:54 am

Achtuning is proud to announce the arrival of two of four Hartmann Wheel containers that will replenish inventory and allow us to ship back-orders!  Most of our customers with backorders have been contacted so if you haven’t heard from us and were anxiously waiting for the arrival of an out-of-stock Hartmann Wheel, give us a call – 425.895.0000

We’ve got one NEW STYLE being added to the current line-up of German quality Hartmann Wheels (debuting next week!) and one NEW SIZE of the current, popular hit – the HRS6-204-MA in a 22″ diameter for our Audi Q7, VW Touareg, and Porsche Cayenne owners!

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Mayday, mayday! Container arrival!!

Posted on May 1, 2013 – 9:12 am

We are happy to announce the arrival of the first of 4 Hartmann Wheel containers this morning at Achtuning! Many of our back-orders will begin to ship as early as next week with more shipping after our last container arrives next Thursday. A big “thank you!” to all of those who have patiently waited for us to re-stock some of our most popular styles to date! And stay tuned for some new styles, too. ;)

That may also mean though that phones might be ringing (or going straight to voice mail) while the staff is out back unloading wheels off these containers.  Sorry in advance we are unable to get to you right away but leave us a detailed message and we will call you back right away.  Or send us an email –

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Hartmann Wheel “Blem” Sale 2013

Posted on February 13, 2013 – 1:15 pm

For every Hartmann Wheel order we receive, each wheel is pulled from the box and inspected prior to shipping. In some cases we find extremely minor cosmetic imperfections created during the paint process at manufacturing, typically 1mm or less in size and found on the face of the wheel. As we are very picky with what we send out as a “new” wheel, these “blems” are set aside and offered to those who agree the blemishes are minor enough to purchase at a discount.  Interested in one of these “blem” wheels yourself?  Check out what we’ve got and let us know which set you want us to ship to you!  Please call to order as these deals are not available for purchase online. (425-895-0000 or 1-877-722-4886.)

Hartmann HRS4-DTM-GS

18×8.5 +38 (57.1CB)

Hartmann HRS6-172-GS
Hartmann HRS6-172-GS wheel

18×8.0″ ET32 5×112 $848-set!
19×8.5″ ET38 5×112 $912-set!

Hartmann HRS6-204-GA:M
Hartmann HRS6-204-GA:M wheel

19×8.5″ ET47 5×112 $912-set!

Hartmann HRS6-204-GS
Hartmann HRS6-204-GS wheel

18×8.0″ ET32 5×112 $848-set!
20×9.0″ ET25 5×112 $1,104-set!
20×9.0″ ET40 5×112 $1,104-set!

Hartmann HRS6-209-GA:M
Hartmann HRS6-204-GA:M wheel

20×9.0″ ET40 5×112 $1,104-set!
20×9.0″ ET25 5×112 $1,104-set!

Hartmann HRS4-252-GS
Hartmann HRS4-252-GS wheel

17×7.5″ ET32 5×112 $704-set!
20×9.0″ ET40 5×112 $1,104-set!
20×9.0″ ET25 5×130 $1,104-set!

Hartmann HRS4-252-SS
Hartmann HRS4-252-SS wheel

19×8.5″ ET47 5×112 $848-set!

Hartmann G5-GS

19×8.0″ ET35 5×112 $912-set!

Hartmann HLP-410-GS:M

19×8.5″ ET45 5×112 $912-set!

Hartmann HR8-GA:M

19×8.0″ ET35 5×112 $848-set!

Hartmann Euromesh 3
Hartmann Euromesh 3 wheel

19×8.5″ ET47 5×112 $912-set!
19×8.5″ ET38 5×112 $912-set!

Hartmann Euromesh 4-GS

18×8.0″ ET32 5×112 $848-set!
18×8.0″ ET45 5×112 $848-set!

Hartmann HROC-233-GA:M

19×8.5″ ET47 5×112 $912-set!

* Due to the small size of the imperfections our camera equipment is not able to show the details so no photos are available, sorry.

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Winter Wheel Suggestion

Posted on January 25, 2013 – 8:00 am

Check out these Hartmann HGTI-139-MB (matte-black) wheels, 18×8 +32mm offset.  This simple yet unique design make these an ideal Winter wheel set-up for just about every Audi application and select VW models!  Super easy to clean and plenty of big brake caliper clearance, too!!  ONLY $185.50 ea!!

Don’t forget, you can send us your Tire Rack order directly to us for FREE mounting and balancing.  Shop now online or give us a call – 425.895.0000!

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VW JSW + Hartmann Euromesh 4-GA + H&R = Success!

Posted on January 11, 2013 – 5:00 pm

Of course, we’re a bit biased here but we really think you can’t go wrong when you combine an H&R suspension kit (in this case, a set of their H&R Sport Springs) with some Hartmann Wheels for your Volkswagen or Audi.  Matt knows what we’re talking about and even though his appointment was originally for just the spring kit install, he knew very well he couldn’t leave it at that.  The Hartmann Euromesh 4-GA finally became available as of the last container arrival in VW Mk5 & Mk6 fitment and Matt wanted to be the first to rock them on his JSW!

He apologizes in advance he didn’t get a chance to wash it for this picture but please understand that it’s not really fun washing your car in sub-freezing temperatures.  Let’s give him a “pass” on that one and hope he rolls back through when it’s all clean, or at least sends us high-res images when it is.  ;)  Enjoy the new set-up, Matt!  It looks GREAT!!

edit:  Post-wash picture sent to us over the weekend…

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Special Offers Summary

Posted on December 21, 2012 – 2:09 pm

Achtuning will be closed on December 24th and 25th for Christmas. We wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday weekend! We will re-open on Wednesday, December 26th. Below is a list of the best deals currently being offered online at for your convenience. We look forward to processing your online orders for IN STOCK, quality performance products from APR, H&R, Hartmann Wheels, and Stoptech from the weekend first thing when we get back in on Wednesday.

Merry Christmas!!

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Check Out These New Hartmann Wheels!

Posted on November 20, 2012 – 10:44 am

Now that we’ve got our 3 container wheel delivery all sorted and our back-orders contacted (if you’re reading this and haven’t heard from us about a back-order please contact us immediately!) we now have our inventory replenished, for the most part. We’ve also brought in a few new sizes and specs in existing wheels which we are excited to announce!

First up is the Hartmann HRS6-204-MA.

This new matte-anthracite finish has been a hit for us this last year and the 20″ version sold out quickly. We’re working on getting the 20×9 +40 size back in stock but meanwhile we have a new 18×8 +32 and 19×8.5 +38 to offer. Click the image above to be directed to our website for more details or to place an online order.

Next up is the Hartmann HTT-256-GA:M.

Yet another popular style, we’re now offering this gloss-anthracite/machined finish in a new +47 offset for the 19×8.5 size and an all new 18×8 +32. Click the image above to be directed to our website for more details or to place an online order.

Our motorsport favorite has been the Hartmann Euromesh 4.

The highly requested gloss-anthracite finish is now available in a +45 offset in addition to the +32 for the 18×8 size. Click the image above to be directed to our website for more details or to place an online order.

Ready to scoop up a set of wheels for deals?! Check out the limited edition Hartmann HGTI-139-MB.

Perfect as a winter wheel and offering a unique look are these matte-black 18×8 +32 wheels, limited to a few sets at $185.50 ea. Click the image above to be directed to our website for more details or to place an online order.

Check out our complete line-up of Hartmann Wheels in the online store at!

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Hartmann Wheel Back-Orders

Posted on November 19, 2012 – 9:49 am

There are a LOT of Hartmann Wheel orders being fulfilled and shipping from ACHTUNING today!!

Just about everyone that has a set of Hartmann Wheels on back-order with ACHTUNING has been contacted! Those of you who have not responded or those who were on a back-order but were never called please CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY! We thank everyone for their patience and look forward to you all seeing your new wheels mounted. Don’t forget to send in high quality images so we can share them in our gallery!

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Hartmann HRS6-204-MA on our VW CC

Posted on May 17, 2012 – 2:52 pm

We took an opportunity to test-fit another set of new Hartmann Wheels on our VW CC, this time the HRS6-204-MA wheel. The matte-anthracite finish is relatively new to us and has really become a customer favorite! Perhaps we’ll see more of our Hartmann Wheels offered in this finish.

Hartmann HRS6-204-MA
* matte-anthracite
* 20×9 +40

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