Audi TT: New Lease On Life

Posted on May 31, 2013 – 11:15 am

Troy brought us his 2001 Audi TT that he and his family have daily driven since the car rolled off the dealer lot 12-years ago. Regular service intervals and all-around proper care kept this 150K mile roadster in great shape and has served the family well. Not yet willing to part with the car after picking up a new Audi TTRS, Troy decided to bring their beloved TT to Achtuning for a new lease on life. It was decided the TT would serve as the family’s weekend fun-mobile and eventually a dedicated track car so engine, suspension, and brakes would need attention. For phase 1 of the project we inspected the car completely and found a few items needed to be addressed before adding more go-fast bits. Once that was all done, we moved on to phase 2 with suspension and brakes. First, H&R’s Street Performance Coil-Overs would replace the TT’s original and now very worn suspension and allow the TT to corner with ease and keep the car stable. StopTech’s ST40 355mm big brake kit would serve to better stop the TT before we add more power while the popular motorsport inspired Hartmann Euromesh 4-GS wheels were mounted to clear the new, much larger brake calipers.

Phase 3 will begin in a week or so with a Techtonics Tuning down-pipe mated to a Hartmann cat-back  exhaust which will complement the APR K04 turbo that will make it’s way under the hood.

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