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StopTech 355mm ST40 BBK for Audi (Mk1) TT 1.8T – “CLEARANCE” pricing!!

Posted on May 29, 2014 – 11:30 am

We have a couple of StopTech 355mm ST40 Big Brake Kits for Audi (Mk1) TT 1.8T in stock and priced to move! Your choice of black or red calipers with slotted rotors. Click the image above to be directed to our online store to review the product details. Please contact us by phone at 425-895-0000 or email for that “clearance” price quote.

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StopTech ST-41 BBK Install for VW GTI

Posted on December 5, 2013 – 1:56 pm

Xin selected StopTech’s 328x25mm (1-piece rotor) ST-41 Big Brake Kit for his VW GTI, a great way to improve on the stock brake components without breaking the bank. The kits are available for front axle applications and include StopTech 1-piece Sport Rotors, StopTech ST-41 powder-coated four-piston calipers with the patented stiffening bridge, StopTech Street Performance brake pads for extended high performance street driving as well as occasional track use, StopTech braided stainless steel brake lines, plus all necessary brackets and hardware to complete the job.

StopTech One-Piece Big Brake Kits for 2006-2012 VW GTI – Part Number 82.893.5N00.XX

The stiff 2-piece, fully-forged calipers have designated piston sizes specific to this application and provide a firmer, more responsive brake pedal that provides better brake pedal modulation. The larger 328x25mm directionally-vaned 1-piece StopTech Sport Rotors, available in slotted or drilled finishes, provide greater heat capacity and reduced brake fade. Also assisting in fade resistance and higher performance are the StopTech Street Performance Pads which have a high maximum operating temperature and high bite for responsive brakes that can be driven hard. The included StopTech braided stainless steel brake lines reduce system compliance and help provide a firmer pedal with a more immediate and better modulated response to inputs. Available and in stock today at Achtuning, these “entry level” StopTech big brake kits expand our offerings in the high performance aftermarket brake segment, covering not only the Mk5 and Mk6 VW GTI, but also certain EOS, Jetta, Beetle, and Audi A3 applications.

The weight difference between the StopTech ST-41 BBK compared to the GTI’s stock components is also worth noting:


If you are interested in one of these kits for your VW do not hesitate to contact us and schedule an install!

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The Best Offer Available On StopTech BBKs

Posted on February 18, 2013 – 3:13 pm

When you buy a StopTech ST40 or ST60 Big Brake Kit from Achtuning for your Audi and Volkswagen, you get a FREE set of matching OE-sized rear brake discs, StopTech Street Performance brake pads, and stainless-steel braided brake lines! Shipping of your StopTech brake order is also FREE anywhere in the “lower 48″ States! With a deal like that you can’t help but consider upgrading your Audi or Volkswagen brake system with a StopTech Big Brake Kit. We also stock replacement parts for StopTech calipers. Achtuning is truly your best source for all things StopTech! Simply click on the image above and start shopping online or call 425-895-0000!

Be sure to check for wheel clearance!

>>>Click here and download a brake template for your car.<<<


StopTech BBK comes with FREE Rear Sport Parts

Posted on October 3, 2012 – 9:53 am

When you buy a StopTech Big Brake Kit from Achtuning, we send you a FREE set of matching (OE-sized) rear rotors, pads, and stainless-steel braided brake lines! We’ll even ship you these brake parts for free if your order is being delivered to any of the “lower 48″ States!!

What other reasons could you possibly need to shop for a BBK at Achtuning? Simply click on the image above to be directed to our website for an online order or call us at 425-895-0000.

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When we say parts are in stock, we mean it!

Posted on May 15, 2009 – 8:11 pm

We got the call from Adrian around 7pm Thursday evening. He mentioned he would be finishing up a military training session at 2am in LA that next morning, then arriving in Seattle early Friday. He asked what we might be able to do for his recently purchased Mk4 GTI. As it turned out, we had plenty readily available for him to get a good jump-start on his modding bug.Adrian ended up spending a big portion of his day with Achtuning as he asked us to transform his VW Mk4 GTI into an even better performing European hot hatch, courtesy of a Stasis Streetsport Coil-Over Kit and APR ECU Upgrade.

To Adrian’s surprise, we found that the GTI he picked up used had already been equipped with APR software, just locked out. We glady unlocked his software for him which opened up the budget for more performance parts. As it turned out, the brakes were also in need of attention and since we had a couple of StopTech’s 328x28mm Big Brake Kits on the shelf, he decided to go for it!

Adrian will have a chance to test out StopTech’s claims of having the best over-all braking distance improvement without the worry of over-working the master cylinder as brake bias is kept balanced with the appropriately sized brake pistons for the Mk4. Having larger, cleaner, and bright red calipers to show off that stopping power is just icing on the cake!


The hottest TDI Mk5 Jetta north of our border

Posted on April 10, 2009 – 4:40 pm

A while back we sold a set of StopTech Big Brakes to Lucasz, a Mk5 Jetta TDI owner who lives north of our border. He posted up the post-install pictures and we had to share them, especially considering the quality of his photos and how well the car has come along…

The StopTech Big Brake Kit consists of 328x28mm slotted two-piece rotors, stainless-steel braided brake lines, ceramic brake pads, and those gorgeous 4-piston calipers powder-coated silver to match the theme of Lucasz’ Jetta.

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StopTech Big Brake Kit for Achtuning A3 Project

Posted on February 9, 2009 – 1:26 pm

More parts trickle in for the Achtuning A3 Project – today from StopTech we received a 328x28mm, 4-piston Big Brake Kit.

We picked up some stainless steel lines as well to complete the front brake upgrade for the A3.

Starting at $1995…

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