Audi S6 and S7 4.0 TFSI ECU Upgrade Now Available!

Posted on February 19, 2013 – 9:53 am

Achtuning is pleased to announce APR’s release of the ultimate ECU Upgrade for the Audi S6 and S7 4.0 TFSI V8!

After months of long nights and many hours of testing, developing and more testing, APR is pleased to offer you an ECU recalibration that is second to none. APR’s extensive research and development provides you with a powerful ECU upgrade with no loss of drivability or reliability. Expect faster acceleration, improved throttle response and more power across the entire power band.

APR’s 4.0 TFSI V8 ECU Upgrade is an expertly recalibrated engine control strategy that primarily remaps the engine’s operating parameters, within the factory ECU, to provide smooth and reliable power as if intended by the OEM. APR’s ECU Upgrade is developed to work within the OEM and Tier 1 Supplier specifications for engine component stress tolerances and performance specifications. Available in octane-specific variations, APR’s calibrations allow you to take advantage of fuel quality available in your area. APR’s patented EMCS functionality puts the control of your engine’s operation at your fingertips and allows for additional features and options to be installed to your OEM ECU.

APR Stage I ECU Upgrade

The APR Stage I ECU Upgrade gives you higher peak numbers of 560 HP/580 FT-LBS on 93 (R+M)/2 octane and up to 569 HP/605 FT-LBS on 100 (R+M)/2 octane race fuel. As much as 124 HP and 163 FT-LBS of torque are available through the power band! APR’s ECU Upgrade is the best power per dollar modification for the new 4.0 TFSI V8 and gives it just the extra edge these cars lack from the factory without pushing the limits. With factory-like smoothness and drivability, APR’s ECU upgrade will fill the void in an otherwise excellent car.

Acceleration Enhancements:

Beyond power and torque enhancements, APR’s Calibration Engineers were able to increase the acceleration rate of the S6 and S7 through other calibrations changes. Ignition delay is reduced resulting in a more responsive pedal without altering overall throttle sensitivity.

Launch Control:

APR’s Engineers paid particular attention to torque delivery when using launch control. Through specific ECU calibration and code changes torque delivery is limited until the clutches are fully engaged. This results in blistering acceleration without suddenly over-stressing the S-Tronic clutch packs.

Increased Fuel Economy:

APR’s Calibration Engineers paid close attention to several parameters directly related to fuel economy, especially while cruising at highway speeds. Depending on your driving style and fuel quality, you may see better miles per gallon!

Speed Limiter:

APR’s ECU upgrade increases the vehicle’s top speed limiter for blistering sprints around the track or across the Autobahn without the speed limiter shutting down your fun!

Left Foot Braking:

APR’s Left Foot Braking feature allows more control over the vehicle’s throttle. The factory equipped S6 and S7’s throttle input is disabled while pressing the accelerator and brake at the same time. Left Foot Braking, a common motorsport driving technique, allows the driver complete control over the vehicle’s throttle and braking system, which may give the S6 and S7 the edge it needs at the track. As is with all features APR adds to the ECU, this feature may be removed upon request.

Dyno Charts

APR Stage I ECU Upgrade Calibration Report


  • 420 HP – Stock reported by Audi
  • 480 HP – Stock measured by APR
  • 552 HP – APR Stage I 91 (R+M)/2 or 95 RON
  • 560 HP – APR Stage I 93 (R+M)/2 or 98 RON
  • 569 HP – APR Stage I 100 (R+M)/2 or 104 RON

FT-LBS of Torque

  • 406 TQ – Stock reported by Audi
  • 464 TQ – Stock measured by APR
  • 564 TQ – APR Stage I 91 (R+M)/2 or 95 RON
  • 580 TQ – APR Stage I 93 (R+M)/2 or 98 RON
  • 605 TQ – APR Stage I 100 (R+M)/2 or 104 RON

Horsepower Gain over Stock

  • +90 HP @ 3,900 RPM – APR Stage I 91 (R+M)/2 or 95 RON
  • +102 HP @ 3,950 RPM – APR Stage I 93 (R+M)/2 or 98 RON
  • +123 HP @ 4,250 RPM – APR Stage I 100 (R+M)/2 or 104 RON

FT-LBS of Torque Gain over Stock

  • +126 TQ @ 2,450 RPM – APR Stage I 91 (R+M)/2 or 95 RON
  • +138 TQ @ 3,750 RPM – APR Stage I 93 (R+M)/2 or 98 RON
  • +163 TQ @ 3,700 RPM – APR Stage I 100 (R+M)/2 or 104 RONAcceleration Times – Stock vs APR Stage I 93 (R+M)/2 or 98 RON Software:

0-60 MPH – 4.06 sec vs 3.52 sec

0-100 MPH – 9.24 sec vs 8.32 sec

62-124 MPH – 9.56 sec vs 8.51 sec

60-130 MPH – 11.32 sec vs 9.93 sec

Data collected at the same location via a Racelogic P-Box with launch control, ESP/ASR off, Dynamic mode and Sport mode. May not be comparable to data collected in other locations.

Quarter Mile Testing – Stock vs APR Stage I 93 (R+M)/2 or 98 RON Software:

Best 60′ Times – 1.713 sec vs 1.656 sec
Best 1/4 Mile ET – 12.216 sec vs 11.628 sec
Best 1/4 Mile Trap Speed – 112.42 MPH vs 117.83 MPH

APR EMCS Programs and Features

APR’s patented EMCS, Enhanced Modular Chipping System, brings selectable programs and features to your factory ECU, all without the need to purchase external hardware. Other companies have attempted to imitate EMCS with clumsy external switching devices that only replace or multiply portions of a “base” calibration. However, EMCS has the ability to completely rewrite the entire operating map data, giving each map a complete set of calibration changes. APR’s EMCS features and programs modes are activated via your OEM cruise control buttons. Your cruise control will continue to function as normal.

Program Switching:

Program switching allows the user to cycle through up to four different engine calibrations and operating modes all without the need for external hardware.

Stock Mode:

By selecting stock mode, the ECU calibration is reset to the factory calibration. The engine will run exactly as it did before purchasing APR software.

APR Performance Modes:

APR’s octane-specific calibrations are available for various premium and race fuels around the world. Each performance mode is a completely new calibration, altered specifically for the characteristics of the fuel quality selected.

Valet Mode:

APR’s Valet Mode protects your vehicle from becoming an expensive toy for unauthorized individuals. By enabling Valet Mode, the vehicle’s performance is extremely limited. Launch control is uneventful, the vehicles top speed is limited to roughly 40 MPH and the engine’s redline is reduced to nearly 5,000 RPM!

Fault Code Erase:

Fault code erase allows the user to erase and reset engine related trouble codes and ECU adaptation data without using a specialty tool.

The APR Development Difference

APR ECU Explorer:

APR’s proprietary ECU Explorer gives APR’s Calibration Engineers unparalleled access to the vehicle’s entire engine management system. Typical commercially available data logging tools, used by most tuners, only allow logging up to 12 engine-operating variables at extremely low data rates. These tools are also limited to a small, specific list of variables. APR’s ECU Explorer is capable of logging every variable found within the ECU. It’s capable of logging well over 100 variables at once with data rates as high as 100 samples per second. Synchronous data logging is available for fine-tuning.

APR ECU Composer with APR Live Tuning:

APR’s proprietary ECU Composer is used for altering the engine management system. With full access to every table, map and variable within the ECU, APR’s Calibration Engineers are not limited to a handful of maps as is common for most tuning companies. ECU Composer takes calibration to a new level on the 4.0T with APR’s Live Tuning. APR’s Calibration Engineers can test calibration changes with a single click of a button to instantly monitor the changes, rather than spending several minutes shutting down the vehicle to reflash the ECU. This allows a level of fine-tuning unmatched in the market.

APR ECU Assembly:

APR’s Electrical Engineers have the ability to alter the code structure of the ECU to add features not available from the factory. Through code levels changes, APR’s Engineers are able to add features designed to protect the gearbox during launch control. Other changes allow higher torque limit than those achievable through only modifying calibration data or using piggyback devices as is the case for many tuners. On the highly modified end, this allows APR to make Stage III Turbo Upgrades operate as if intended by the OEM. For most 4.0 TFSI owners, the advantage of this ability is the addition of APR’s patented EMCS Functions. EMCS puts the control of the engine’s operation at your fingertips and allows for additional features and options to be installed to your ECU.

Pricing and Application Guide

Audi C6 S6 and S7 4.0 TFSI – $1,499.00 – Includes 4 Programs (Stock, 91, 93, 100 or Valet), and Fault Code Erase

Security, Warranty and Money Back Guarentee

All APR ECU Upgrades are fully encrypted to prevent theft of our valuable and proprietary coding information by lesser companies.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee:

All APR ECU Upgrades include a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the APR ECU Upgrade, return to Achtuning for a full refund, provided you are within the 30 day period from the time of your initial purchase. Labor or shipping charges are not included in the guarantee.

Limited Lifetime Warranty:

All APR ECU Upgrades include a limited lifetime warranty against defects in the software, and to provide free updates and re-flashes as they become available. Labor or shipping charges are not included in the warranty.

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