APR VW MK6 Oil Catch Can System

Posted on May 23, 2016 – 3:00 pm

APR has just released their Oil Catch Can System for the MK6 Volkswagen Golf/Jetta/R!

The APR Oil Catch Can System replaces the failure prone factory positive crank ventilation (PCV) system and traps excessive crankcase oil vapors and gunk from entering the engine. The system eliminates a common performance robbing boost leak, while reducing carbon buildup on intake valves, octane lowering oil vapors and oil pooling within the intake tract. It’s a simple modification to install, drains in seconds with the flick of a knob, and is recommended at all stages of performance.

Quick Facts

  • Increases performance – Increases performance by eliminating a common boost leak, and reducing octane lowering oil vapors and airflow restricting carbon buildup.
  • Eliminates a boost leak – The PCV block-off plate eliminates the failure prone factory PCV valve.
  • Catches oil and gunk – Oil and gunk pools in the can, not in the intercooler piping.
  • Easy to drain – A simple knob allows the system to drain in seconds without any tools.
  • Easy to install – Installs in minutes. The hoses pop right on without tools thanks to the OEM Norma fittings.
  • Easy to maintain – Yearly maintenance is a snap thanks to the two-piece billet design.
  • High-quality hoses – Resist oil degradation, kinks, abrasion, and blockage from freezing, with an OEM look.
  • High-quality can, plate and bracket – Strong, clean and attractive billet-aluminum and stainless steel parts look right at home in the engine bay.

The Problems

An engine produces extreme pressures within its cylinders during operation and some ultimately slips by the piston rings and pressurizes the engine’s crankcase. This is exacerbated when increasing horsepower and driving harder. To relieve the pressure, the engine uses a failure prone PCV system that dumps the pressure, along with oil vapors, back into the intake tract to be consumed by the engine. Unfortunately, this results in the following performance robbing scenarios:

  • Oil vapors mix with the air/fuel mixture, which reduces octane and hurts performance.
  • Carbon builds up on the back of intake valves, which reduces airflow and hurts performance.
  • Messy oil pools in the intake tract and coats the intercooler, leading to hose degradation, and reduced IC effectiveness.
  • The factory PCV system can fail, creating a massive boost leak that directly pressurizes the crankcase.

The Solution

The APR Oil Catch Can System eliminates the factory PCV valve with a billet-aluminum block-off plate. The plate routes crankcase gasses through the APR catch can, which filters oil vapors through a track-proven four-staged baffling system. The vapors pool in the bottom of the can, while the rest of the pressure is diverted back to the intake tract where it’s burned off by the engine.

The result is simple:

  • A cleaner engine
  • Better performance
  • Elimination of a common failure point

System Overview

More Photos

North American Kit Installed

REQUIREMENT NOTES: The manifold PCV port must be blocked off to use this product. This can be accomplished with the APR boost tap. Also, the system is only designed for use without the factory engine cover installed.

Application Guide

MS100124 – Mk6 Golf R – $499.99
MS100121 – MK6 Golf / GTI – 1.8 / 2.0 TSI (EA888 Gen 1) – $399.99
MS100122 – MK6 Jetta / GLI – 1.8 / 2.0 TSI (EA888 Gen 1) – $399.99

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APR Upgrades For New Golf R

Posted on January 20, 2016 – 5:06 pm

With a recommendation from his local VW dealer, Eric gave us a call about APR goodies for his new Golf R. We talked about APR’s ECU upgrade and mentioned we install the APR Carbon Fiber Intake for free with that ECU purchase. That discussion quickly lead to the addition of APR’s Carbon Fiber Turbo Inlet Pipe and the APR Oil Catch Can, all of which we had in stock which made Eric’s decision that much easier. All we had to do was get him on the schedule. About a week later, here we are…

The APR goodies were on within a couple of hours and we have no doubt Eric’s drive home left him smiling from ear to ear. We’ll confirm that for you in a few weeks when he returns for a set of VWR Sport Springs! Looking for APR performance upgrades for your VW or Audi? Look no further! We keep their entire menu of performance options IN STOCK at Achtuning. Contact the sales team by calling 425-895-0000 or email sales@achtuning.com

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AWE Tuning’s S-FLO Carbon Intake for the VW (Mk7) Golf R

Posted on April 16, 2015 – 9:33 am

Let your VW (Mk7) Golf R breathe deep!  AWE Tuning presents their S-FLO Carbon Intake!

  • Fully sealed carbon fiber box and filter combination
  • Max gains of 10hp and 9ft-lbs of torque at the crank
  • Perfect integration with OEM inlet ducting
  • Utilizes stock mounting locations
  • UV stabilized resin and clear coat prevent yellowing from heat
  • Filters are durable, and washable
  • Designed, Engineered and tested in house at AWE Tuning
  • Perfect Fitment – Guaranteed

The AWE Tuning VW (Mk7) Golf R S-FLO Carbon Intake is a fully enclosed carbon fiber box, constructed from high grade 2×2 twill carbon fiber. Installation is a breeze thanks to the air box mounting in the stock locations and mating up perfectly to the factory air inlet pipes.

The AWE Tuning S-FLO Filter (included in the kit) is the largest that can fit within the airbox to maximize flow. This increased flow, contributes greatly to the impressive peak power gains of 15hp  and 11ft-lbs of torque at the crank.  Pre-order yours today by calling our sales team:  425-895-0000

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More Power from APR for your VW Golf R!

Posted on October 1, 2014 – 9:00 am

APR has just released their Stage 3 GTX Low Pressure Fuel Pump (LPFP) software update for the Golf R, S3 and TT-S!

The APR Stage 3 GTX Turbocharger System for the VW (MK6) Golf R, Audi S3 , and Audi TT-S is the pinnacle of performance without compromise and APR is pleased to announce additional components and software designed to increase output even further. Utilizing the APR Low Pressure Fuel Pump (LPFP), APR’s Calibration Experts were able to exploit mid range fueling headroom to add an additional 23 horsepower and 24 ft-lbs of torque. Expect even higher peak horsepower figures of 452 on 93 AKI fuel and up to 485 HP on race fuel. This directly translates into a more enjoyable driving experience with more power on tap across the entire RPM range.

Beyond dyno power figures alone, APR’s Calibration Experts refined several aspects of the calibration to provide a more enjoyable driving experience. Further refinements were made to ensure accelerative performance increased on top of the higher power figures. DSG equipped vehicles should notice crisp, fast shifts while manual transmission owners have the freedom to put forth their best abilities without the ECU numbing performance. Through each gear, the engine stays strong, and delivers blistering acceleration sure to put a smile on the driver’s face.

The software is available in 91 AKI / 95 RON, 93 AKI / 98 RON and 100 AKI / 104 RON fuel variants with a higher range of refinement and adaptability to the quality of each fuel. This helps to ensure the calibration remains safe, while also not leaving valuable horsepower behind when higher quality fuel is utilized. The software update is offered for free to existing APR Stage 3 GTX customers who have purchased and installed the APR LPFP.

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New APR Software Revision for the VW Golf R 2.0T

Posted on September 13, 2013 – 2:57 pm

APR’s Engineering Teams have finished final testing of a new version (3.31) of Stage I, I+ and Stage II+ 2.0T ECU Calibrations for the Golf R. The new ECU Upgrade improves upon power deliver on top of what was previously a tremendous upgrade over stock! While addressing all previous concerns, additional motorsport features were added to further enhance your driving experience. The software revision is offered as a FREE update for all current APR ECU Upgrade customers!  *

APR’s Calibration and Software Experts focused heavily upon increasing the overall drivability and performance of the 2.0T well beyond dyno numbers alone. Through implementation of the new patent pending APR Boost Control Strategy shared with our Stage III Turbocharger System, the ECU is now able to properly control boost pressure levels much higher than possible with the factory code alone. Specific calibration changes were made to enhance turbocharger spool rates, reducing lag to give the drive a more direct and connected linear feel to the accelerator pedal. Overall volumetric efficiency was enhanced through calibration changes resulting in more ignition advance towards redline, cooler exhaust gases, increased power and torque, and improved fuel economy depending on driving habits.

To further enhance your driving experience, APR outfitted the 2.0T with a Quattro GMBH inspired Motorsport Revlimiter as found on all other R and RS models currently being produced. Rather than softly slowing down acceleration several hundred RPM before the rev limiter, the 2.0T will now freely rev up to the new, clearly identifiable redline at 7,100 RPM and may make all the difference in a competitive head to head sprint on the track!

APR’s pleased to announce intake specific calibrations for use with high quality intake systems removing the factory engine cover, such as the Volkswagen Racing (VWR) Intake System. The factory Golf R’s intake is integrated into the engine cover, presenting a restrictive intake setup from the factory. APR’s Calibration Experts were able to extract more power from the engine by running the VWR intake system, which removes the factory cover. By removing the factory intake system, the engine’s operating parameters could be dramatically changed, but in doing so, other parameters were adjusted to ensure smooth operation with strict boost control, no throttle closure and surge avoidance in the low to mid RPM range. Expect more power and a better driving experience.  Go APR!

* install fees apply



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3″ Turbo-Back Exhaust For VW Golf R ON SALE – $1299!!

Posted on August 6, 2013 – 11:05 am

A FULL 3″ turbo-back exhaust system for the VW Golf R is ON SALE for ONLY $1299 at ACHTUNING!!


List Price: $1533 | Sale Price: $1299

Watch the video, fall in love with the sound, then click either image above to place your online order at Achtuning.com… Or give us a call at 425-895-0000. SHIPS IMMEDIATELY!! 


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APR EMCS Now Available for VW Golf R

Posted on December 18, 2012 – 9:22 am

APR has released EMCS Program Switching for the VW Mk6 Golf R!  APR’s patented EMCS (Enhanced Modular Chipping System) brings selectable programs and features to your factory ECU, all without the need to purchase external hardware. There are no adaptation tricks or marketing gimmicks involved – EMCS is unlike anything else in the market. EMCS has the ability to rewrite the operating map data, giving each map new and specific calibration for increased performance. EMCS is available at any APR Stage.

APR’s EMCS features and program modes are activated via your cruise control buttons while the engine is off. When the engine is started, the cruise control continues to operate and function normally.

Program Switching:

Program switching allows the user to cycle though up to four different engine calibrations and operating modes all without the need for external hardware.

Stock Mode:

By selecting stock mode, the ECU calibration is reduced to factory load levels, limiting performance.

Performance Modes:

APR’s octane-specific calibrations are available for various premium and race fuels around the world. Each performance mode is a completely new calibration, altered specifically for the characteristics of the fuel quality selected. Currently available octanes are 91/93/100 (R+M)/2 in North America and 95/98/104 RON in the rest of the world. In some situations, APR supports higher 104 (R+M)/2 octane race fuels at Stage 3 and Stage 3+ power levels.

Valet Mode:

APR’s Valet Mode protects your vehicle from becoming an expensive toy for unauthorized individuals. By enabling Valet Mode, the vehicle’s engine and top speed will be greatly limited.

How to use APR EMCS Programs and Features:

Enabling EMCS:
Turn the ignition and cruise control on, but don’t start the engine.

Switching Programs:
Hold “SET” on the cruise control stalk. The CEL will blink in set of one to four blinks to indicate programs one through four. Release “SET” during this sequence to select a program. Turn off the ignition, turn it back on and wait for the CEL and EPC to stop blinking before starting the engine.


APR’s EMCS Programs and Features are available for the following prices:

Retail Pricing
$599 – APR ECU Upgrade with One Program Mode
$149 – First Additional Program Mode
$70 – Second Additional Program Mode
$70 – Third Additional Program Mode

Special Sales Pricing Until December 31st
$149 – Upgrade to a fully loaded ECU. (Existing APR ECU Upgrade Owners Only)
$599 – Upgrade to a fully loaded ECU. (New Customers Only)
$549 – Upgrade to a single program only. (New Customers Only)

No appointments necessary. Simply visit Achtuning between 9am and 5pm and we’ll get you taken care of. 

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The APR Golf R Stage 3 Turbo Kit is HERE!

Posted on December 11, 2012 – 1:17 pm

Building upon over a decade’s worth of experience with turbocharged Audi and VW engines, including over half a decade with direct injected engines, APR’s Engineers have taken the Golf R and S3 to ground breaking levels of performance without compromise.

APR is pleased to introduce the Golf R and S3 Stage III Turbocharger System. Producing over 460 horsepower in racing configurations with nearly no increase in turbocharger lag over the vehicle’s factory setup, Stage III places the Golf R’s and S3’s accelerative performance in the same league as that of large V8 supercharged muscle cars and sub $400,000 exotic sports cars. Thanks to the Golf R’s and S3’s all-wheel drive system, power delivery is unlike anything previously experienced in standard form. As you hear a new exotic growl from your exhaust system, expect exhilarating g-force levels sure to put a huge grin on your face!

APR Stage III Components


At the heart of Stage III is a GTX2867R turbocharger, consisting of the latest technologies from Le Mans’ winning turbo manufacturer, Garrett Honeywell. The internally gated unit features a fully-machined, ten-blade billet compressor wheel and a dual ball bearing oil and water-cooled CHRA. APR’s Engineers spent countless hours testing turbine inlet and A/R sizes in order to decrease turbocharger lag without negatively impacting peak power. The newly developed compressor housing utilizes anti-surge porting, which greatly complements the lightning fast spool characteristics of this unit and grants APR’s Engineers the ability to deliver massive levels of torque inducing boost pressure, even in the lower RPM range.

Each turbocharger unit is assembled and clocked in house at APR with the necessary brackets to ensure proper wastegate fitment and orientation. Each wastegate is then calibrated for precise operation and control to ensure seamless integration with the expertly recalibrated OEM engine management system.

APR Stage III Software

The factory Bosch MED 9 engine management system is responsible for proper operation of the engine in all conditions. With built in compensational data for environmental variables and varying load conditions, the factory ECU is far more complex and intelligent than units found in other vehicle makes and marks.

With the significant amount of changes included in the APR Stage III Turbocharger System, APR’s Engineers spent months recalibrating the engine management system to operate smoothly as if intended by the OEM. Thanks to APR’s incredible proprietary calibration suite, data logging software and full access to the coding structure of the ECU, appropriate and intelligent changes are made to ensure flawless drivability and excellent performance without compromise.

APR’s EMCS program switching technology puts control of the ECU in your finger tips allowing you to access modes for standard pump fuel, high output race fuel and even reduced output valet modes to protect your vehicle against improper use by other individuals. This technology is patented by APR and is found nowhere else in the world. It’s Performance Without Compromise only APR can deliver!

*Note* Exiting APR Software customers will receive a fully loaded ECU. New Customers will receive 1 program and may purchase additional programs al la cart. Please check for EMCS availability.

Exhaust Manifold

Attached to the turbocharger is APR’s investment-cast, super alloy, nickel-chromium-based Inconel 625 Manifold featuring APR’s Sequential Exhaust Pulse runner lengths. Unlike hand welded tubular manifolds, Inconel is a very high temperature resistant material designed to withstand extreme exhaust gas temperature changes without expanding, contracting, melting or cracking under stress. This material is typically found only at the highest levels of professional motorsport racing where reliability is essential to success.

Investment-cast Inconel features heat retention characteristics which aid in turbo response by keeping exhaust velocity high. Ensuring each exhaust pulse arrives at the collection point without collision is critical to producing lightning fast response and immediate torque delivery. Using 3D modeling and computational fluid dynamics software, APR’s Engineers designed varying short runner lengths calibrated to deliver sequential exhaust pulses without collision. A reduction in backpressure from the high flow design directly enhances power delivery.

Each manifold is investment-cast in the United States of America and machined in house on APR’s CNC machines to ensure high casting tolerances, repeatable results and strict quality control. The thick casting material reduces unwanted exhaust noise leaving behind a powerful and exotic growl.

All of these characteristics result in a manifold designed without compromise backed by a confidence inspiring lifetime warranty.

Induction and Charge Piping

Wire reinforced, multi-ply silicone hoses provide an unrestricted path for airflow to enter and exit the turbocharger at over 1,000 kilograms per hour. The ultra rigid design ensures boost and vacuum piping will not swell or collapse causing leaks and restrictions in the induction and charge piping system supporting boost response and turbo recovery. Each hose is engineered to fit properly into the Golf R and S3 engine bay with all necessary emissions and reference ports securely affixed.

APR’s Easy-Flow Silicone Hose design features stepped mounting surfaces for smooth transitions from one pipe to another. Traditional designs simply sit on top of each other, often resulting in a disruptive airflow path. By using the stepped design, hoses fit properly without airflow restrictions, resulting in the most ideal path for moving air through the turbocharger and into the engine.

Turbo Outlet Pipe

To provide unrestricted and smooth airflow from the turbocharger to the intercooler, the APR Stage III Turbocharger System includes a cast enlarged turbo outlet pipe to properly deliver the additional airflow from the larger turbocharger.

Mass Airflow Housing

The Golf R and S3’s engine management relies on load calculations to accurately control the engine. Calculations are made by measuring airflow across the Mass Airflow Sensor and this is a critical component of the APR Stage III Turbocharger System.

The small and restrictive factory unit is removed and replaced with the much larger housing. To ensure accuracy, APR’s MAF housing is cast in the United States of America and CNC machined in house at APR to ensure repeatable results. The long, precision-machined housing features a honeycomb airflow straightener to further aid in accurately reading airflow levels. Simply enlarging the MAF housing is not permissible without accurate adjustments to the factory engine management system, which is included with APR Stage III Turbocharger System.

Oil and Coolant Lines

APR’s oil and coolant lines are specific to the Golf R and S3 Stage III System and provide years of leak free operation. The oil lines feature flexible braided stainless steel with CNC mandrel bent hard-lines for specific and clean hose routing as if intended by the OEM.

Low Pressure Fuel Pump

The APR Low Pressure Fuel Pump is a complete, OEM style, PWM controlled drop in fuel pump solution designed to fit cleanly in the OEM location. The upgraded pump provides adequate low-pressure fuel to the APR High Pressure Fuel Pump to support the power levels produced by the APR Stage III Turbocharger System.

High Pressure Fuel Rail Valve

The factory Golf R and S3 gasoline direct injection injectors require higher than factory fuel rail pressure to achieve targeted air fuel ratios under high load, wide open throttle operation. APR’s Low Pressure Fuel Pump delivers the desired volume of fuel to the APR High Pressure Fuel Pump, which provides increased fueling headroom over the factory unit. However, the factory High Pressure Fuel Rail Valve limits maximum rail pressure below the desired level. The included APR High Pressure Fuel Rail Valve is calibrated to increase the maximum rail pressure to levels necessary for proper operation.

In doing so, APR’s able to support far higher horsepower levels than achievable on the existing APR Stage III Turbocharger Systems without the need to alter the factory, correct spray pattern, injectors. This results in smoother part throttle operation, factory-like cold starts and fewer unburnt hydrocarbons emitted from the tailpipe under all conditions compared to other fueling options.


The GTX2867R internally gated turbocharger unit features a Garrett five-bolt flange, which differs from the OEM turbocharger flange. To support this design, the APR Stage III Turbocharger System includes a hydroformed 3” stainless steel exhaust downturn, which mates directly to an APR Midpipe, Downpipe or Turboback Exhaust System.

Nuts, Bolts, Gaskets, Washers, Clamps, Fittings, etc

Every APR Stage III Turbocharger System includes all necessary components for a complete install.


No matter how small the part, each piece of the APR Stage III Turbocharger System oozes with quality evident in pieces like the Stage III’s laser cut ancillary brackets and carriers.

Spark Plugs

Proper temperature range spark plugs are included with each APR Stage III Turbocharger System.

Power Output:

Stock – (VW and Audi’s Ratings)
256 – 270 HP
243 – 258 FT-LBS of Torque

Stock – (APR’s Rating on 93)
272 HP
265 FT-LBS of Torque

APR Stage III – 91 (R+M)/2 or 95 RON
392 HP
381 FT-LBS of Torque
+120 HP Gain over Stock at 6650 RPM
+122 FT-LBS Torque Gain over Stock at 3650 RPM

APR Stage III – 93 (R+M)/2 or 98 RON
411 HP
410 FT-LBS of Torque
+139 HP Gain over Stock at 6550 RPM
+151 FT-LBS Torque Gain over Stock at 3750 RPM

APR Stage III – 93 (R+M)/2 or 98 RON with APR Runner Flap Delete
420 HP
410 FT-LBS of Torque
+148 HP Gain over Stock at 6550 RPM
+151 FT-LBS Torque Gain over Stock at 3700 RPRM

APR Stage III – 100 (R+M)/2 or 104 RON
464 HP
428 FT-LBS of Torque
+195 HP Gain over Stock at 6850 RPM
+168 FT-LBS Torque Gain over STock at 3900 RPM

Dyno Charts:

More Dyno Charts:


Application Guide:

  • Volkswagen Golf R – 6MT & DSG
  • Audi S3 – 6MT & S-Tronic

Part Number:  T3100046

Price (US Only):  $6,124.99

Existing APR software customers will receive a fully loaded ECU. New customers will receive one program and may purchase additional programs al la cart. Please check for EMCS availability.

Required Components:

APR High Pressure Fuel Pump

APR Carbonio Intake

APR Intercooler

APR Midpipe¹

¹If you currently own an APR AWD Downpipe or APR RSC Turboback Exhaust, this item is not necessary. For best results, APR recommends including the APR RSC Catback Exhaust System.

APR recommends a DXD Stage III Clutch System for manual transmissions. APR recommends upgraded connecting rods for customers choosing to run race fuel with the race fuel calibration.

Motul Oil, Coolant and Oil Filter

Part of the APR Turbocharger System install process requires removal of the OEM Turbocharger. During this process, oil and coolant must be drained and should be replaced to offer superior performance and protection. The APR Turbocharger Systems are now complete turn key solutions, including everything you need down to the oil, coolant and oil filter. During checkout you’ll be given the option between Motul Specific 502.00, 505.00 & 505.01 5W40 or Motul Power 300V engine oil as well as Motul Inugel Optimal Ultra Coolant and an OEM oil filter. The Premium Motul lubricant package is included at a much lower than retail price point and the costs are listed below.

Motul Specific Lubricant Install Package

  • 5 Liters of Motul Specific 505.01, 502.00 & 505.00 SAE 5w40 Oil
  • 1 Oil Filter
  • 4 Liters of Inugel Optimal Ultra (Concentrated) – Organic

MO00002 – $70.00

Motul 300V Lubricant Install Package

  • 6 Liters of Motul 300V Power 5W40
  • 1 Oil Filter
  • 4 Liters of Inugel Optimal Ultra (Concentrated) – Organic

MO00006 – $100.00

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FREE VWR Jacket and FREE Shipping

Posted on November 6, 2012 – 2:21 pm

… with your purchase of an APR RSC turbo-back exhaust for the VW (Mk6) GTI or Golf R!!

ACHTUNING is throwing in a FREE Volkswagen Racing soft-shell jacket with your purchase of an APR RSC turbo-back exhaust – and we’re shipping it all for free, too! (within the lower 48) When placing an online order, be sure to include your VWR jacket size (S-XXL) in the comments section during check-out or simply call in your order by dialing 425-895-0000!

Click!! >>> VW (Mk6) GTI turbo-back exhaust <<< Click!! >>> VW (Mk6) Golf R turbo-back exhaust <<<

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Presenting the APR Stage 4 Tuned Achtuning Golf R

Posted on August 28, 2012 – 12:02 pm

I’ll need to update you with what happened last week while I was gone…

In short, it’s done!! The APR “Stage 4” engine is in, and Bill took the Golf R to The Ridge Motorsport Park for this last weekend’s ACNW track event, “Strassenlage” to put it through its paces and get to know this new monster. There are still a few minor “tweaks” to really complete the project but for the most part it’s done and running well! We expect this APR set-up should put us just under the 500hp mark while StopTech’s Trophy BBK will aid in bringing all that power to a halt. More info and details yet to come but first, I must now go out and drive it!

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