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Hartmann Wheel “Blem” Sale 2013

Posted on February 13, 2013 – 1:15 pm

For every Hartmann Wheel order we receive, each wheel is pulled from the box and inspected prior to shipping. In some cases we find extremely minor cosmetic imperfections created during the paint process at manufacturing, typically 1mm or less in size and found on the face of the wheel. As we are very picky with what we send out as a “new” wheel, these “blems” are set aside and offered to those who agree the blemishes are minor enough to purchase at a discount.  Interested in one of these “blem” wheels yourself?  Check out what we’ve got and let us know which set you want us to ship to you!  Please call to order as these deals are not available for purchase online. (425-895-0000 or 1-877-722-4886.)

Hartmann HRS4-DTM-GS

18×8.5 +38 (57.1CB)

Hartmann HRS6-172-GS
Hartmann HRS6-172-GS wheel

18×8.0″ ET32 5×112 $848-set!
19×8.5″ ET38 5×112 $912-set!

Hartmann HRS6-204-GA:M
Hartmann HRS6-204-GA:M wheel

19×8.5″ ET47 5×112 $912-set!

Hartmann HRS6-204-GS
Hartmann HRS6-204-GS wheel

18×8.0″ ET32 5×112 $848-set!
20×9.0″ ET25 5×112 $1,104-set!
20×9.0″ ET40 5×112 $1,104-set!

Hartmann HRS6-209-GA:M
Hartmann HRS6-204-GA:M wheel

20×9.0″ ET40 5×112 $1,104-set!
20×9.0″ ET25 5×112 $1,104-set!

Hartmann HRS4-252-GS
Hartmann HRS4-252-GS wheel

17×7.5″ ET32 5×112 $704-set!
20×9.0″ ET40 5×112 $1,104-set!
20×9.0″ ET25 5×130 $1,104-set!

Hartmann HRS4-252-SS
Hartmann HRS4-252-SS wheel

19×8.5″ ET47 5×112 $848-set!

Hartmann G5-GS

19×8.0″ ET35 5×112 $912-set!

Hartmann HLP-410-GS:M

19×8.5″ ET45 5×112 $912-set!

Hartmann HR8-GA:M

19×8.0″ ET35 5×112 $848-set!

Hartmann Euromesh 3
Hartmann Euromesh 3 wheel

19×8.5″ ET47 5×112 $912-set!
19×8.5″ ET38 5×112 $912-set!

Hartmann Euromesh 4-GS

18×8.0″ ET32 5×112 $848-set!
18×8.0″ ET45 5×112 $848-set!

Hartmann HROC-233-GA:M

19×8.5″ ET47 5×112 $912-set!

* Due to the small size of the imperfections our camera equipment is not able to show the details so no photos are available, sorry.

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