APR teases us with pre-debut pics of the Audi (B8) S4 Carbonio Intake

Posted on December 16, 2010 – 2:22 pm

APR is very close to the release of their Audi (B8) S4 Carbonio Intake System and they offered up these pictures to tease us with!

Our new S4 owners have been having a difficult time selecting the appropriate intake for their car considering the competition’s intake systems are either un-attractive, made of cheap materials, or simply not producing any extra power. To address these concerns, APR and Carbonio have come up with a two-stage solution that not only gives you the expected power gains and good-looks in the engine bay with high-quality parts, but also offers customers the option of keeping the supercharger sound stock-like and quiet, or louder with the use of the Carbonio Stage 2 Intake.

The APR by Carbonio Intake System is a ram-air intake design completely sealed from the engine bay. Air will draw directly from the OEM ram-air intake tracts and is lead smoothly into the intake chamber. Air is then sucked through the OEM resonated intake tube (used for noise reduction) or through the Carbonio high-flow, non-resonated, carbon fiber intake tube (for more noise, better flow, and even greater looks).

The Stage 1 system will not include the carbon fiber tube from the air box to the engine as the factory tube contains resonators to keep supercharger noise to a minimum. For those interested in hearing the charger, yet without it being noisy as in the case of a fully open intake system, they’ve created a Stage 2 carbon fiber tube leading from the air box to the throttle body.

The choice is yours!

Stay tuned for more photos, data, pricing, and the all important ETA!

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