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OEM Audi & VW Winter Wheel Packages

Posted on September 3, 2015 – 4:19 pm

Select OEM Audi and VW Winter Wheel & Tire Packages are available at Achtuning at prices far less than what you’d find at your local dealer! These are brand new factory Audi and VW wheels. (OEM caps not included but are available.) Check out the images and specs listed below them. If you have an interest in any of these contact the Achtuning sales team via email ( or call 425-895-0000. These are IN STOCK, ready to ship!!

Winter Package 1 – List Price: $2106.20 | Achtuning Price: $1199.00
Euro VW CC/Passat Winter Wheel: 1K8 073 537/637 8Z8
4 – 1K8 071 497 A 8Z8, 17×6.5 ET39 5-112 HB 57.1
4 – 205/50R17 93V Dunlop Winter Sport 4D


Winter Package 2 – List Price: $3847.99 | Achtuning Price: $1700.00 (SOLD OUT)
Euro Phaeton Winter Wheel: 3D0 073 248 A Z31
4 – 3D0 073 248 A 8Z8, 18×7.5 ET40 5-112 HB 57.1
4 – 235/50R18 101V Continental Winter Contact


Winter Package 3 – List Price: $2498.56 | Achtuning Price: $1440.00
Euro Touareg Winter Wheel: 7P0 073 517/617 8Z8
4 – 7P0 071 497 8Z8, 17×7.5 ET50 5-130 HB 71.6
4 – 235/65R17 108H Michelin Latitude Alpin


Winter Package 4 – List Price: $2277.60 | Achtuning Price: $1440.00
Euro Audi A8 Winter Wheel: 4H0 073 017/018 8Z8
4 – 4H0 071 497 8Z8, 17X7.5 ET26 5×112 HB 66.56
4 – 235/60R17 102H Dunlop Winter Sport 3D


Winter Package 5 – List Price: $5916.00 | Achtuning Price: $2060.00
Euro Audi A7/S7 Winter Wheel: 4G8 073 017/018 8Z8
4 – 4G8 071 499 8Z8, 19×8.0 ET26 5×112 HB 66.56
4 – 235/45R19 Dunlop Winter Sport 3D


Winter Package 6 – List Price: $4299.00 | Achtuning Price: $2660.00 (SOLD OUT)
Euro Audi RS5 Winter Wheel: 8T0 073 017C/018C 8Z8
4 – 8T0 601 025 AJ 1H7, 19×8.0 ET26 5×112 HB 66.56
4 – 235/40R19 96V Dunlop Winter Sport 3D


Winter Package 7 – List Price: $2642.00 | Achtuning Price: $2000.00
Euro Audi A5 Winter Wheel
4 – 8T0 601 025 E 8Z8, 18×8.5 ET29 5×112 HB 66.56
4 – 245/40R18 97V Dunlop Winter Sport 3D


Winter Package 8 – List Price: $5999.99 | Achtuning Price: $2160.00
Euro Audi A8/S8 Winter Wheel: 4H0 073 017/018 A 8Z8
4 – 4H0 601 025C, 19×7.5 ET29 5×112 HB 66.56
4 – 235/50R19 103H Dunlop Winter Sport 3D


Winter Package 9 – List Price: $1913.20 | Achtuning Price: $1440.00
Euro Audi A6 Winter Wheel: 4G0 073 247 8Z8
4 – 4G0 601 025 L 8Z8, 17X7.5 ET37 5×112 HB 66.56
4 – 225/55R17 97H Dunlop Winter Sport 3D


OEM Audi or VW caps are available for an additional $99 for a set of 4 at the time of purchase. To order, contact the Achtuning sales team by calling 425-895-0000 or email

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18″ Winter Wheel & Tire Package for your B8 Audi!

Posted on September 8, 2009 – 9:35 am

We’re offering an 18″ Winter Wheel & Tire Package for your B8 Audi. Select any of our Hartmann 18″ wheels and mate them with the 245/40-18 Falken HS-439 “Eurowinter” Tire for a total price of $1729! *

In challenging weather conditions, the Falken Eurowinter HS-439 presents improved winter driving predictability and traction consistency. A new silica compound ensures tread flexibility, maximizing tread life, and multi-angled sipes allow for better control in ice and snow. The HS-439 is extremely versatile as its unique UHP-inspired asymmetric tread pattern maintains high-speed stability in dry conditions, while four high volume circumferential grooves expel water, slush and packed snow when driving in adverse conditions. For owners of performance coupes, sedans, and avants, the Eurowinter HS-439 is perfect for winter and demanding weather conditions, whether wet or dry.

Here are the technical features of the Falken HS-439.

* M+S and ASTM “Snowflake” rated
* Load rating 92 to 101 depending on size
* Speed rating “V”
* New Silica compound offers superior tread life and performance across multiple temperature ranges.
* Multi-angled sipes improve grip in ice and snow.
* Asymmetric tread design provides excellent performance and stability in wet and dry conditions.
* Four high volume circumferential grooves evacuate water, slush and packed snow for outstanding winter traction.
Tires are only available for purchase with wheel orders, they are not available separately.

* Prices are before tax and shipping.

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It’s all about stance with this winterized Audi S5

Posted on January 15, 2009 – 11:54 am

When Ian stopped by last October with his Audi S5, it allowed us to get our first up-close-and-personal look at Audi’s latest V8 coupe.

Ian had us set aside a set of our RS4-styled Hartmann 252s in 18×8 and a 32mm offset so we could eventually wrap some Dunlop M3s around his new winter wheels. Concerned with stance, Ian had H&R DR spacers and a STaSIS Ohlins SL Sport Suspension Kit ordered so we could tackle all tasks at once. Unfortunately, his euro-spec headlight delivery was delayed until just recently and we are now finally getting around to throwing on Ian’s parts for him. After all things were said and done…

The stance couldn’t look any better for a winter set-up. Can’t wait for this thing to come back for the S5-styled 20″ Hartmann 209 Wheels when the weather shapes up!

Hartmann 252B Wheels: $260 ea.

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Hartmann 172 Wheels perfect for winter

Posted on January 9, 2009 – 12:12 pm

Easy to clean and it’s simplistic design were the reasons James selected the RS6-styled Hartmann HRS6 – 172 HC Wheels for his wife’s Imola B6 Audi S4 Avant. At 18×8 with a 32mm offset, the stance for a stock ride height S4 was just right.

Contact us for your winter wheel needs!!

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Audi RS4 Winter Wheels

Posted on November 21, 2008 – 1:35 pm

Winter wheels for the B7 Audi RS4 can be tough to find, especially in a style that would complement the high-powered European sedan. This is why Hartmann Wheels receives many winter-wheel requests from RS4 owners every season, including Greg who brought us both his B7 RS4 and his B6 S4 to receive the Hartmann HRS4 – DTM Wheel.

For the B7 Audi RS4 and it’s beefy fenders, the new 8.5″ width and 25mm offset of the Hartmann HRS4 – DTM Wheel makes it by far the best option in our line-up for an easy, hassle-free wheel fit and proper stance.




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