Posted on February 3, 2016 – 9:00 am

Achtuning is announcing NEW LOW PRICES on AWE Tuning exhaust systems starting Monday, February 8th.  We will be lowering our prices an additional 8% off with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the “Lower 48!”  NO TAX for our out-of-state customers!!  And even better, Achtuning is STOCKING the most popular applications so your order ships as soon as you “check out” online.  Contact the Achtuning sales team with any questions, and thanks in advance for your order!

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APR Presents the A4/A5/Allroad Front Mount Intercooler System!

Posted on February 2, 2016 – 5:00 pm


The APR Intercooler System is a massive front mounted upgrade that dramatically reduces intake air temperature (IAT), minimizes heat soak, and provides increased performance! The system is an easy to install, direct bolt-on design, that is recommended at every stage of performance.

Quick Facts:

  • Dramatically lowers intake air temp (IAT)
    Increases horsepower while minimizing power-robbing heat soak!
    17 horsepower gain over the factory system!
  • Massive frontal surface area and core volume
    2.50″ x 5.50″ x 26.00″ – 13.75 in² frontal & 357.0 in³ volume – OEM
    2.25″ x 16.2″ x 22.00″ – 36.45 in² frontal & 801.9 in³ volume – APR
  • Highly effective core design
    Bar-and-plate core with staggered and louvered fins.
    Rigorous testing determined core style, fin density, and size.
    Low pressure drop + highly effective cooling=high performance!
  • Smooth cast end tanks
    Engineered for low turbulence/restriction and maximum flow.
    Organically shaped to promote airflow across entire core.
    Pressure tested to prevent power robbing boost leaks.
  • Easy to install
    With the bumper removed, install takes minutes!
    No trimming or drilling necessary!
    Full directions and APR world-renowned customer support included
  • Designed by engineers with lasers
    With the best equipment and smartest engineers, it just works!


Unfortunately, to the untrained eye, many intercooler designs appear the same. However, effectiveness of the system and overall performance are greatly determined by several key metrics. Alloy selection, end tank design, construction type, fin style, fin density and overall core dimensions must be analyzed and balanced accordingly to deliver class-leading performance. While the OEM’s goal is to create a lightweight, easy to manufacture and inexpensive to produce, cross-platform design capable of supporting factory power levels, APR’s intercooler must be capable of supporting more than double the factory output. Achieving this goal took a multi-step approach focused around intercooler core selection, end tank design and install location.

Intercooler Core Design

The APR Intercooler core is a large bar-and-plate design featuring densely packed staggered and louvered fins. This design offers exceptional cooling while balancing pressure loss across the core, and maintaining critical airflow to the components behind the intercooler system. The core size was appropriately matched to the platform, minimizing pressure drop while leaving adequate space for appropriately designed end tanks. To APR’s mechanical engineering experts, the design represented the ultimate in performance, far exceeding the capabilities of the factory intercooler. To the driver, the result is simple: Repeatable performance, even in the most demanding of situations!

Core Style / Internal Fin Structure:

APR’s Engineers paid close attention to the balance between core effectiveness and pressure drop through the core, core style and fin density. With fin density too low, pressure drop decreases dramatically, but typically results in a core incapable of effectively cooling. Likewise, with fin density too great, pressure drop increases dramatically, resulting in the turbocharger working harder, and hotter, to produce the same level of airflow. By fine tuning this often unseen balancing act, as illustrated below, APR’s Engineers were able to maximize performance.

Internal Fin Structure

Core Size:

APR’s Engineers also paid close attention to the balancing act between core effectiveness, pressure drop and space for end tanks through core sizing. With the core too small, pressure drop decreases dramatically, but typically results in a core incapable of effectively cooling. Likewise, with core size too great, pressure drop can increase, resulting in the turbocharger working harder. However, more importantly, with no space for appropriate end tanks, utilization of the core and overall effectiveness of the system diminishes rapidly, negating the benefit of the larger core. APR’s engineers were able to balance each of these characteristics to deliver maximum performance.

The APR system increases frontal surface area by 165.09% and has a 124.31% larger core!

Intercooler End Tank Design

To fully utilize the massive core, APR’s mechanical engineers designed cast aluminum end tanks organically shaped for proper airflow distribution across the entire core. By correctly sizing the intercooler core, end tank design was not sacrificed. The one-piece end tanks are CNC machined to provide a slip resistant mounting surface for hoses, precise integrated mounting surfaces, and perfectly flat connecting surfaces used for TIG welding the tanks to the core. Through proper alignment in welding jigs, each unit is assembled to tight tolerances for a precise and accurate fit.

Intercooler Bracket Design

APR’s mechanical engineers designed CNC-bent and TIG-welded mounting brackets to securely hold the intercooler in place. The brackets make the install extremely easy. With the bumper and factory intercooler unit removed, the APR intercooler installs in minutes without any cutting, drilling or trimming. For the DIY customer, this makes a home install simple, and for everyone else it eliminates hidden costs that often come with a more labor intensive install.


Internally APR conducted a multitude of tests both on the street and on the dyno with thermocouples and pressure transducers placed at the inlet and outlet of the intercooler during the design phase. Data from these tests were used to chose the intercooler core available today. With the intercooler in it’s final production form, tests were conducted against the factory to measure the effectiveness of each system.

Testing conducted on the dyno provided a semi controlled environment for back-to-back stress testing the two systems. Utilizing a B8 A4 2.0T 6MT at APR Stage II power levels, six back-to-back twelve second dyno pulls were conducted with only 5 seconds of cool down times between runs. APR’s ECU Explorer high resolution datalogging system was used for raw sensor data collection.

The APR intercooler saw a beginning IAT of 29.25 degrees C that quickly dropped to 25.50 degrees C by the end of the first run and settled at only 34.50 degrees C by the end of the sixth run. The system effectively rejected heat soak and produced consistent dyno results. In stark contrast, the factory intercooler system did far worse. With a cooler beginning IAT of 27 degrees C, temperature rose to a staggering 42.5 degrees C after only the first run, already resulting in a poorer IAT than the APR intercooler after six back-to-back runs! As testing continued, it was clear the factory intercooler system was not built with performance in mind. IAT’s continued to rise, ending at 57.75 degrees C; an additional 23.25 degrees C higher than the APR system! This translated to a final gain of 17 AWHP over the factory intercooler by the sixth run while the power only varied by under 3 AWHP across all six runs with the APR Intercooler.

Application Guide

Audi A4 / Allroad (Typ 8K – B8 / B8.5)
Audi A5 (Typ 8T – B8 / B8.5)
Audi Q5 (Typ 8U – B8 / B8.5) – In Development

1.8 TFSI and 2.0 TFSI Engines

All Transmissions

Does not fit vehicles with the extra Audi Drive Select cooler above the factory crash bar.

Price:  $899.99


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AWE Tuning 2013+ R8 4.2L Straight Pipe Exhaust

Posted on January 21, 2016 – 3:21 pm

Highlights include:

  • Peak power gains of +22 hp and +17 ft-lb at the crank
  • 25 hp and 28 ft-lbs of torque @ 4700 rpm
  • 55 pounds lighter than stock
  • CNC-machined V-band connections
  • Crafted from mandrel-bent T304 stainless steel
  • Designed and manufactured in-house at AWE Tuning
  • No Check Engine Light – Guaranteed
  • Fitment – Guaranteed
  • Lifetime Warrant

If you’re looking for have your R8 4.2L scream 100% of the time, and feel the R8 4.2L V8 SwitchPath™Exhaust is too docile, this is for you.  Meet the AWE Tuning R8 4.2L Straight Pipe Exhaust.  This system unlocks the same impressive power gains of 25 hp and 28 ft-lbs of torque as AWE Tuning 2013+ R8 4.2L SwitchPath™ Exhaust System, but sheds even more weight over the stock exhaust system, for a total weight loss of 55 pounds–because lighter is faster.  Be warned, though: The sound from the straight pipes is not for the faint of heart, small children, or small pets, and there are no “switching options” available with this addition.  Scared?  If so, step back and consider the head-turning, yet sophisticated AWE Tuning SwitchPath™Exhaust.  AWE Tuning stands by this product with a lifetime warranty, however, the straight pipes cannot be returned or exchanged based upon sound satisfaction.  Please note that due to the elimination of catalytic converters, this exhaust is legal only for racing vehicles which may never be used on a highway.

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Audi TT Intercooler Upgrade

Posted on January 13, 2016 – 3:00 pm

We’ve got Candice’s APR K04 turbo kit equipped Audi TT 2.0T on our rack in “service position” with the stock intercooler out in preparation for a larger version from APR.

The APR Intercooler System dramatically lowers charge air temperature and resists heat soak far better the factory intercooler system. Through a massively increased core volume, superior intercooler core design and smooth, cast end tanks, APR’s engineers were able to create an intercooler capable of supporting power levels well beyond that of the factory unit. Expect increased horsepower and torque and dramatically prolonged performance. Just look at that size difference!

After we put everything back together and hand the keys back to Candice we have no doubt she’ll feel the improved throttle response the second she leaves. And her K04 turbo’d Audi TT will appreciate the cooler temperatures which will assist in maintaining good power levels as she continues on with her drive. Have fun, Candice!

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Happy New Year!

Posted on December 30, 2015 – 8:30 am

Happy New Year from Achtuning!  Continue to take advantage of sale pricing all throughout the Achtuning online store through the remainder of the year, with 10% off APR software and select hardware, 10% off AWE Tuning exhaust systems, and up to 40% off H&R suspension products!  Don’t forget to check out the Achtuning Garage Sale section, Hartmann Winter/”Blem” Wheel packages, and OEM Winter Wheel & Tire packages for additional savings not available in our online store.   Contact our sales team by calling 425-895-0000 or email  For service inquiries and maintenance quotes, please email

Achtuning will have a half-day of operation on New Years Eve (Thursday, December 31st), closing at 2pm.  We will be closed on New Years Day (Friday, January 1st).   We resume regular business hours on Monday, January 4th.

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Achtuning Holiday Hours

Posted on December 21, 2015 – 9:00 am

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Achtuning!  Take advantage of sale pricing all throughout the Achtuning online store, with 10% off APR software and select hardware, 10% off AWE Tuning exhaust systems, and 25% off H&R suspension kits and wheel spacers!  Don’t forget to check out the Achtuning Garage Sale section, Hartmann Winter/”Blem” Wheel packages, and OEM Winter Wheel & Tire packages for additional savings not available in our online store.  To contact our sales team, call 425-895-0000 or email  For service inquiries and maintenance quotes, please email

Achtuning will have a half-day of operation on Christmas Eve (Thursday, December 24th) and New Years Eve (Thursday, December 31st), closing at 2pm.  We will be closed on Christmas Day (Friday, December 25th) and New Years Day (Friday, January 1st).  We resume regular business hours on Monday, January 4th.

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APR Presents the Carbon Fiber Turbo Inlet Pipe and Coolant Hose!

Posted on December 17, 2015 – 9:00 am

APR has two new releases for you today and they perfectly compliment the APR Carbon Fiber Intake System.

The APR Carbon Fiber Turbo Inlet Pipe

The APR Carbon Fiber Turbo Inlet Pipe replaces the rear factory plastic accordion tube with an attractive carbon fiber inlet, complementing the APR Intake System’s aesthetically pleasing design. The intake and inlet hose are joined via a necessary flex coupler to allow for adequate engine movement under use without damaging the intake. The turbo inlet pipe is completely compatible with all factory turbochargers and APR’s Stage III Turbocharger System.


The APR Coolant Hose

The factory coolant hose is designed to be routed over the top of the intake system. However, when routed underneath the intake, it’s far more aesthetically appealing. The APR coolant hose replaces the factory unit and routes cleanly under the intake and around the APR catch can without kinking or adding extra stress to the mounting points.


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NOW HIRING!! (Technician)

Posted on December 11, 2015 – 9:00 am

Job Opening:  Service Technician

ACHTUNING is currently looking for an experienced and skilled service technician who is responsible, has natural ability, ambition, and drive.  If you want to work in a busy, professional automotive repair shop that focuses on having fun, doing the work correctly, values customer service and satisfaction with a large customer base, and has been in business for 15 years, NOW is your chance!

Hours are Monday through Friday 9-6.  We offer paid vacation and health benefits when eligibility requirements are met.


  • Valid Washington State Driver’s License with record meeting current Insurance provider standards.
  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Applicants must own a complete set of personal work tools and be proficient in mechanical repairs through previous work experience or training.
  • Minimum 1 year Audi/Volkswagen Dealer or 2 year Automotive Industry.

Job Type: Full-time

Required experience:

  • Minimum 1 year Audi/Volkswagen Dealer or 2 year Automotive Industry: 1 year

Required license or certification:

  • Valid Washington State Driver’s License

Required education:

  • High school or equivalent

Send your resume to

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APR “Unlocks” OBD-II port flashing for all 1.8T and 2.0T Simos 18 ECUs!

Posted on December 8, 2015 – 9:00 am

APR is pleased to announce all previously known “locked” Simos 18 ECUs are now DirectPort Programmable with any current stage of APR software at Achtuning!  The software install process is now a simple flash over the OBD-II port, just like the earlier models, and does not require removal of the ECU from the vehicle for available software.  Most commonly “locked” ECUs were found in late model 2015 and newer versions of the following vehicles:

1.8T/2.0T EA888 Gen 3 (MQB Platform):

1.8T/2.0T EA888 Gen 3 (Non-MQB Platform):

Please Note: If a new ECU Box Code or Revision is found that is not currently available by APR and not currently in APR’s possession, please contact us for details on how you can save on the ECU Upgrade.  Also, if you currently have APR software this is not an update as this only applies to ECUs that were previously unavailable.

No appointment necessary!  Just roll through between the hours of 9am and 4pm, Monday through Friday.  Thank you and GO APR!

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APR Presents the 1.8T/2.0T Silicone Boost Hose System

Posted on December 3, 2015 – 1:33 pm

APR is pleased to present the ultimate boost hose upgrade for MQB platform vehicles with the 1.8T and 2.0T engines!

The APR Boost Hose System is a comprehensive, direct replacement upgrade to the factory rubber hoses found in the charge piping system.  The system includes a multitude of enhancements designed for maximum performance, longevity, and insurance against power robbing boost leaks.  The system is sold both as a complete kit and individually, and is fully compatible with the OEM and upgraded APR Intercooler system, OEM throttle body, and all OEM turbochargers.

Quick Facts

Direct OEM replacement
Compatible with OEM/APR Intercooler, OEM Throttle body and all OEM turbochargers.

APR EZ-Flow design
APR’s EZ-Flow stepped design provides maximum flow for maximum performance through a smooth, port matched transition from hose to connection surface.

Multi-ply silicone outer construction
Pressure tested far beyond the engine’s capabilities, the system maintains performance under extreme conditions and increases both heat and burst resistance as well as mating surface adhesion compared to rubber.

Fluorosilicone interior surface
A Fluorosilicone coating on the interior surface greatly resists oil and gasoline permeation providing an extra layer of protection against deterioration of the hoses.

Clampco T-bolt clamps
Made from stainless steel, the Clampco T-bolt clamps replace the factory worm-gear clamps with thick, high quality and high strength T-bolt clamps designed to diminish the risk of boost leaks with increased connection strength and decreased hose slippage.

Additional quality control
APR takes quality seriously. Each hose is fully tested before it leaves our doors to ensure fitment and our EZ-Flow design is perfectly matched!

APR’s engineers took a multi-step approach to optimizing the hoses to minimize boost leaks, reduce turbulence, and other performance degradation. Four-ply silicone was utilized as it provides the thickness and strength characteristics necessary to support boost levels far beyond the engine’s capabilities. A Fluorosilicone internal lining was added to ensure the hoses do not rapidly deteriorate over time when exposed to oil and gasoline from the PCV and EVAP systems.  The included stainless-steel Clampco T-bolt clamps prevent the hoses from coming lose under heavy pressure and under high temperatures, silicone adheres to its mating surface, further minimizing leaks and hose slippage.  APR’s EZ-Flow stepped design creates a smooth airflow path, reducing turbulence over non-stepped designs.  Finally, silicone provides better heat resistance over rubber, extending the life of the product and ultimately minimizing failure.  The result is hose solution that directly replaces the factory rubber hoses and maintains performance under extreme conditions!

EZ-Flow Design

Full System

Intercooler Hoses

Throttle Body Hose

Turbo Outlet Hose

Application Guide

1.8T / 2.0T EA888 Gen 3

Audi A3 & S3 (MK3)
Audi TT / TTS (MK3)
Seat Leon / Cupra / R (MK3)
Skoda Octavia / VRS (MK3)
Skoda Superb (MK3)
VW Golf / GTI / R (MK7)
VW Passat (B8)


Full System
– All four hoses with clamps
– MS100115
– $199.99

Intercooler Hose System
– Intercooler inlet and outlet hoses with clamps
– Replaces OEM Part 5Q0145832 & 5Q0145834
– MS100114
– $149.99

Throttle Body Hose System
– Throttle body hose with clamps
– Replaces OEM Part 5Q0145838
– MS100113
– $39.99

Turbo Outlet Hose System
– Turbo outlet hose with clamps
– Replaces OEM Par 5Q0145828
– MS100112
– $29.99

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