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APR Turbocharger Upgrade Loyalty Program

Posted on September 28, 2015 – 12:12 pm

Achtuning is pleased to announce the APR turbocharger upgrade path just got a little easier for our loyal APR customers.  Starting today, if you’ve purchased an APR ECU Upgrade and want to upgrade to one of APR’s Stage III or K04 turbocharger systems on FSI, TSI and TFSI engines, you can take advantage of fantastic savings!  APR has also lowered their standard pricing on select systems as well.  It’s their way of saying “thank you” for enjoying their ECU Upgrades before stepping up to the big leagues!

To see the savings, head on over to our product pages and take a look at the new pricing tiers.  APR customers can take $300 off K04 Turbocharger Systems, and $500 off Stage III Turbocharger Systems!  Additionally, APR’s $149 “fully loaded” EMCS Program Switching can be added for free!

APR’s new loyalty pricing is as follows:

  • $2,299.99 – Save $300! – APR K04 Turbo System (Trans EA113/EA888 Gen 2)
  • $2,399.99 – Save $300! – APR K04 Turbo System w/ 3Bar Map (Trans EA888 Gen 1)
  • $2,999.99 – Save $300! – APR K04 Turbo System (B7/B8/B8.5 A4/A5)
  • $4,999.99 – Save $500! – APR Stage III GTX2867R Turbo System (EA888 Gen 1)
  • $5,999.99 – Save $500! – APR Stage III GTX2867R Turbo System (EA113)
  • $9,499.99 – Save $500! – APR Stage III GTX3576R Turbo System (TT RS)
  • Free – Save $149 – APR “Fully Loaded” EMCS Program Switching Upgrade

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Introducing the AWE Tuning 8V A3 2.0T Exhaust Suite.

Posted on September 21, 2015 – 8:54 am

Presenting the Audi A3 2.0T Exhaust Suite, by AWE Tuning.

Refined sound, impressive performance, and flattering presentation. Now unlocking the true, unsuppressed attitude of the Audi A3 2.0T:

  • Engineered, designed, and manufactured in-house at AWE Tuning
  • 200 Cell High Flow EURO 6 compliant HJS Catalyst on downpipe
  • 3” CNC mandrel bent system
  • AWE Tuning Non-Resonated Downpipe available
  • Max gains of 26 hp and 24 ft-lbs of torque at the crank
  • 90mm double walled adjustable tips, available in Chrome Silver or Diamond Black
  • Hand crafted from T304 stainless steel
  • No Check Engine Light – Guaranteed
  • Perfect Fitment – Guaranteed
  • Featuring the AWE Tuning Lifetime Exhaust Warranty

The AWE Tuning A3 Exhaust Suite is comprised of two major components: the Touring Edition Exhaust and the Non-Resonated Performance Downpipe. Both fabricated by hand in-house at AWE Tuning using quality U.S. sourced T304 Stainless Steel, crafted to unlock legendary AWE Tuning performance and tone.

AWE Tuning A3 2.0T Exhaust Suite Options

The Touring Edition Exhaust

Engineered to perfection, appeasing any urge to be heard. The Touring Edition Exhaust is painstakingly designed to give your A3 2.0T a more aggressive, yet comfortable tone that suits the luxury compact’s personality perfectly. Looking for more volume? Read on…


Performance Downpipe, Non-Resonated

To awaken the tone and increase output of the A3 2.0T even further, add the AWE Tuning Non-Resonated Performance Downpipe.


  • AWE Tuning No Check Engine Light Guarantee (even without software!)
  • AWE Tuning Fitment Guarantee
  • AWE Tuning Lifetime Warranty (one year on the catalyst).
  • A unique flex-pipe section to isolate engine movement

Individual or Altogether

The Touring Edition Exhaust is available independently, or with the Non-Resonated Performance Downpipe as a package.

Not sure if you want the downpipe yet? Not a problem. You have one year from the purchase date of your exhaust to add the downpipe at the package price.


AWE Tuning Touring Edition Exhaust + AWE Tuning Non-Resonated Performance Downpipe

AWE Tuning Audi 8V A3 2.0T Touring Edition Exhaust

Performance Specs

Order NOW by contacting the Achtuning sales team.  Either email or call 425-895-0000.

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APR’s ECU Upgrade Now Available for Facelifted Audi (C7.5) S6 and S7 4.0 TFSI!

Posted on September 8, 2015 – 10:00 am

Achtuning is pleased to present APR’s ultimate engine control unit (ECU) upgrade for the Audi (C7.5) S6 and S7 4.0 TFSI V8. APR’s ECU upgrade is available in octane-specific variations, including and is conveniently flashed to the vehicle’s factory ECU through the OBD-II port without any physical modification to the factory ECU. APR’s EMCS functionality puts the control of the engine’s operation at your fingertips and allows for additional features and options to be installed to the OEM ECU.

The ECU’s MED 17 engine management system is responsible for proper operation of the engine during constantly changing environmental and load conditions. With built in compensational data for environmental variables and varying load conditions, the factory ECU is far more complex and intelligent than units found in other vehicle makes and marques.

APR’s Calibration Engineers spent months calibrating the engine management system, including many hours of chassis dyno development. With a thorough understanding of the ECU’s torque structure, APR’s Calibration Engineers properly increased engine load to produce more power and torque across the entire power band. APR’s ECU Upgrade increases boost pressure, optimizes ignition timing, cam timing, lambda and more to produce higher output!

APR’s ECU Upgrades provides an excellent leap in horsepower and torque while retaining OEM knock control sensitivity and other built in safety features. This results in an exciting and powerful upgrade, optimized for various fuel grades found around the world!

The APR Stage I ECU Upgrade gives you higher peak numbers of 574 HP/638 FT-LBS on 93 (R+M)/2 octane and up to 597 HP/668 FT-LBS on 100 (R+M)/2 octane race fuel! As much as 186 HP and 243 FT-LBS of torque are available through the power band! APR’s latest ECU Upgrade is fully loaded with APR’s EMCS Program Switching and is compatible with APR Mobile.

Application Guide:

Audi C7.5 S6 and S7 4.0 TFSI.
$1,499.99 – Fully loaded.

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034Motorsport Billet Aluminum Dogbone Mount Inserts for Audi & Volkswagen

Posted on August 28, 2015 – 9:00 am

Achtuning is excited to announce the availability of 034Motorsport’s line of Billet Aluminum Dogbone Mount Inserts for Audi & Volkswagen vehicles, including the 8J/8P/8V Audi TT/A3/S3 (MQB) and MkV/MkVI/MkVII Volkswagen Golf/Jetta/GTI/GLI/R32! These precision-machined inserts are designed to fill voids in the factory dogbone mount, and limit fore-aft movement of the engine and transmission under load, which in turn improves shift quality and power delivery.

034Motorsport’s engineering team went through numerous revisions of each mount insert to find the optimum profile for minimizing drivetrain slop without introducing excessive noise, vibration, or harshness into the cabin. As a result, 034Motorsport Dogbone Mount Inserts for Audi & Volkswagen don’t place substantial preload on the factory dogbone mount, and allow for just enough movement to minimize NVH transfer while significantly limiting the unwanted movement of the torque arm.

These inserts were designed to be easy to install and completely reversible performance mods that offer noticeable improvements for discerning drivers.


Through reducing the movement allowed by the factory mount, which is designed primarily to isolate the driver from the engine and transmission, these Dogbone Mount Inserts for Audi & Volkswagen refine your driving experience by giving you more direct feedback from gear changes and throttle inputs.

The slop reduction provided by these inserts results in faster, crisper shifts and launches, and ensures that you’re putting power down without all of the unwanted engine and transmission movement that the stock mount allows.

We highly recommend this upgrade for all enthusiasts with stock or modified cars!


Having experience with polyurethane mount inserts in the past, 034Motorsport set out to improve upon the traditional dogbone insert design to create a part that performs better and lasts longer.

Instead of simply filling all of the voids in the factory mount, (which is effective in reducing movement, but negates most of of the mount’s ability to prevent NVH transmission into the cabin) 034Motorsport engineers thoroughly evaluated the function of the factory mounts to see what improvements could be made without sacrificing comfort.

The resulting designs had very specific profiles which we machined from billet aluminum to ensure performance and longevity. Unlike polyurethane alternatives, these billet aluminum inserts do not deflect under load, nor do they pack and wear over time. This allows 034Motorsport Dogbone Mount Inserts for Audi & Volkswagen models to offer life-long performance improvements.


Billet Aluminum MQB Dogbone Mount Insert, MkVII Volkswagen Golf/GTI/R & 8V Audi A3/S3

  • 2015 – Present Audi A3/S3 (8V – MQB)
  • 2015 – Present Volkswagen Golf/GTI/ R (MkVII – MQB)


Billet Aluminum Dogbone Mount Insert for 2009+ MkV/MkVI Volkswagen Golf/Jetta/GTI/GLI & 8J/8P Audi TT/A3

  • 2009 – 2013 Audi A3 (8P)
  • 2009 – 2014 Audi TT / TTS / TTRS (8J)
  • 2009 Volkswagen Eos / GLI / GTI / Jetta / Rabbit (MkV)
  • 2010 – 2014 Volkswagen Eos / GLI / Golf / GTI / Jetta / R (MkVI)
  • 2009 – 2011 Volkswagen Passat (B6)
  • 2009 – 2013 Volkswagen CC


Billet Aluminum Dogbone Mount Insert for Early (Up to 2008.5) MkV Volkswagen Golf/Jetta/GTI/GLI & 8J/8P Audi TT/A3

  • 2006 – 2008 Audi A3 (8P)
  • 2006 – 2008 Audi TT / TTS / TTRS (8J)
  • 2006 – 2008 Volkswagen Eos / GLI / GTI / Jetta / R32 / Rabbit (MkV)
  • 2006 – 2008 Volkswagen Passat (B6)


Pricing for the 034Motorsport Billet Aluminum Dogbone Mount Inserts are $42 each and will be available for purchase in our online store shortly. Meanwhile, contact the Achtuning sales team via email ( or call 425-895-0000.

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APR DL501 S tronic TCU Upgrade for the 4.0 TFSI S6 and S7!

Posted on August 26, 2015 – 6:00 am

APR is pleased to present the ultimate transmission control unit (TCU) upgrade for the Audi S6 and S7 DL501 DSG and S-Tronic transmissions! APR’s TCU upgrade is conveniently flashed to the vehicle’s TCU through the OBD-II port with user definable options select-able at the time of install.

APR’s TCU upgrade goes beyond the overly simplistic norm of raising a few limiters, and offers a wide gamut of changes designed to enhance the driving experience especially when combined with APR’s performance engine software and hardware. With an in-depth knowledge of the transmission’s inner workings and control strategies, APR’s engineers have improved many aspects of the transmission from acceleration performance to daily drive-ability, while also incorporating new features including several that are typically reserved for higher-end Audi Quattro GmbH RS models.


  • Faster acceleration through application specific optimized shift points.
  • Drive and Sport mode shift maps custom tailored to APR’s power upgrades.
  • User adjustable 3-step multi-launch control RPM limits.
  • User definable* max launch control RPM.
  • User definable* manual mode downshifts via the kick-down switch (on/off).
  • User definable* manual mode upshifts at max engine speed (on/off).
  • Launch control response enhanced for quicker launches.
  • Launch control limits raised from 200 to 3,000 launches.
  • Manual mode / TT mode paddle response time optimized.
  • Manual mode / TT mode shift time optimized.
  • Torque intervention limits raised while retaining critical protection routines.
  • Temperature management optimized.
  • Transmission coolant pump optimized during high temp scenarios.
  • Gear display enabled in Drive and Sport.
  • Downshift “lockout” disabled below previous gear’s max RPM.

*APR’s DirectPort Programming suite allows the end user to tailor the TCU upgrade to their needs at the time of installation.

Drive (eco) and Sport Mode:

APR’s calibration experts found the factory drive and sport modes to be less than ideal when raising power above the factory limits. In drive mode, the transmission aggressively seeks sixth gear, earlier than necessary, leaving behind an anemic and lack luster experience for the driver. Likewise sport mode leaves a lot to be desired considering its seemingly exciting name. Under both modes, maximum shift points remain optimized for the factory power levels, which vary greatly to those produced using APR’s world-renowned catalog of performance hardware and software. As such, accelerative performance suffers due to non-optimized shift points.

To rectify this situation, APR’s engineers took a multi-step approach to custom tailoring the shift maps to sync harmoniously with APR’s performance upgrades and each platform’s gear-ratio configurations. While some may simply set wide-open-throttle, or WOT shift points to the vehicle’s max RPM limit, APR’s engineers chose shift points based on actual acceleration data. This result is gear dependent shift points typically below the engine’s max speed, but in doing so, the vehicle’s acceleration improves as axel torque is matched before and after shifts.

Under low-torque, low-rpm, part-throttle situations, both modes less aggressively seek the highest possible gear. Drive still has the benefit of economy, but stays within the power band more comfortably for a more enjoyable experience. Likewise sport mode has been optimized to provide a sporty feeling, worthy of its name. In both cases, the transmission seamlessly integrates with APR’s performance upgrades to provide an exciting driving experience.

Manual and Tiptronic Modes

APR’s user definable options allow the end user to configure how the transmission works while the gear selector is placed in manual mode.

The kick-down switch, which is responsible for an instant downshift, is enabled by default but can be disabled at the time of install. Likewise the auto upshift that occurs at the vehicle’s maximum engine speed can also be disabled at the time of install, allowing the engine to bounce off the limiter like a manual transmission. For safety’s stake, the auto first to second gearshift is still enabled.

The transmission does not lock out any manual downshifts so long as the shifting does not result in an engine RPM above the max shift point. In all situations, paddle delay is reduced, allowing for a more responsive shift to take place and furthermore, shift times have been optimized.

Shift Points

For use with the factory turbo:

     Gear       |  Drive   |   Sport   |   Manual  | Manual with Auto Upshift Off
First  to Second  Gear 6,275 RPM / 6,275 RPM / 6,550 RPM / 6,550 RPM
Second to Third   Gear 6,250 RPM / 6,250 RPM / 6,550 RPM / Never
Third  to Fourth  Gear 5,900 RPM / 5,900 RPM / 6,550 RPM / Never
Fourth to Fifth   Gear 5,425 RPM / 5,425 RPM / 6,550 RPM / Never
Fifth  to Sixth   Gear 5,375 RPM / 5,375 RPM / 6,550 RPM / Never
Sixth  to Seventh Gear 5,225 RPM / 6,550 RPM / 6,550 RPM / Never

Launch Control

APR’s 3-Step launch control is unlike anything else in the market. At the time of flashing, the user chooses a maximum launching RPM. When activating launch control, up to three launching RPM’s are available, allowing the end user to choose the best launching RPM based on the current conditions!

At 100% throttle with the kick-down switch engaged, the vehicle will select the highest launching RPM. At 100% throttle with the kick-down switch not engaged, a lower launching RPM is activated. Finally, at roughly 50% throttle the transmission chooses the lowest launching RPM. When properly dialed in, the user is left with incrementally higher launch points ideal for the street, track and sticky tires.

Utilization of launch control results in the transmission entering the maximum acceleration mode. During this mode, intervention between a shift is minimized, resulting in faster acceleration that keeps the driver planted to the back of his or her seat. The delay typically present after lifting the brake and beginning of the physical launch has been improved for a more immediate response.

Note: Both ASR and ESP must be fully off and the vehicle in Sport Mode to use Launch Control. This is accomplished by holding the traction control button for a length of time.

Adjustable Launch RPM Profiles

   Max    |   Mid     |   Min
6,000 RPM / 5,000 RPM / 4,000 RPM
5,500 RPM / 4,500 RPM / 3,500 RPM
5,000 RPM / 4,000 RPM / 3,000 RPM
4,500 RPM / 3,750 RPM / 3,000 RPM
4,000 RPM / 3,500 RPM / 3,000 RPM
3,500 RPM / 3,250 RPM / 3,000 RPM
3,000 RPM / 3,000 RPM / 3,000 RPM

Recommendation: When using launch control, excessive wheel spin will not improve acceleration and may cause undesirable behavior. APR suggests using lower launch limits under low grip situations. Maximum launch RPM is only ideal with drag slicks / radials on a well-prepped drag strip.

S Tronic Temperature Management

Temperature management is an important part of the DL501 transmission. While some may simply remove temperature protection routines all together, or mistakenly raise temperature protection torque limiters sky high and claim increased cooling performance due to zero transmission intervention, APR’s TCU upgrade only allows the maximum safe temperature levels before intervention. Under high stress scenarios, such as launch control, the transmission’s cooling pump runs at maximum speed until the desired transmission temperature is achieved.

Unlike the factory intervention routine, which allows for nearly no torque to be transmitted through the transmission at all after limits are crossed, APR’s over temp intervention allows for a limited amount of torque, enough so the vehicle can be safely driven off the track or pulled to the side of the road during intervention. In keeping the vehicle moving, airflow continues across the radiators, which in turn keeps coolant temps low and aids in removing heat from the factory DL501 oil coolers to restore full operation.

Torque Limits

Various factory torque intervention limiters are raised to their maximum value to eliminate unintended torque intervention, across the rev range, during normal and spirited driving. However, important and critical limiters are kept in place or only slightly modified, such as those related to temperature protection, to prevent premature damage to the transmission in dangerous scenarios.

Note: DL501 transmission software is not required to meet APR’s advertised torque figures.

Gear Display Indicator

In drive (eco) and sport mode, the vehicle’s multi function display will now indicate the currently selected gear rather than a generic D or S.

The APR Difference:

APR DirectPort Programming:

APR’s DirectPort Programming is now available for the Temic Tricore DL501 transmissions. Any APR Dealer in the world, connected to the Internet, has direct access to APR’s latest TCU upgrades for installation directly over the vehicle’s OBD-II port. This completely eliminates the need to remove and open the TCU and can be uninstalled at any time!

APR TCU Upgrade Creation:

APR’s engineers have taken a direct and custom approach to calibrating the TCU. All too often others create a generic calibration that is forced across a wide range of different vehicles and transmission versions. Unfortunately this generic method of copy and paste tuning can result in some undesirable effects, such as slow up shifts and downshifts, torque interventions, stumbling, immobility and general incompatibility. In some extreme cases, damage to the transmission can occur. With many factory TCU variations available for the transmission, APR’s engineers have painstakingly ensured every TCU upgrade is created using the transmission’s original file to ensure the ultimate experience!

APR TCU Composer:

APR’s proprietary TCU Composer is used for altering the transmission management system. With full access to every table, map and variable within every TCU, APR’s Calibration Engineers are not limited to the handful of pre-defined maps.

APR TCU Assembly:

APR’s Electrical Engineers have the ability to alter the code structure of the TCU. Through code-level changes, APR’s Engineers are able to add future features to the TCU otherwise impossible through calibration changes alone.

Application Guides

For best results, APR advises against mixing non-APR ECU and TCU Upgrades. APR cannot guarantee full compatibility with non-APR ECU Upgrades and as such offers a 30-day money back guarantee as outlined below.

Audi S6 & S7 (C7/C7.5 Platform)
4.0 TFSI Engine
7 Speed S Tronic Transmission



– Availability and TCU Compatibility: Some versions and features may not be available for all TCUs.
– TCU Revision Notice: Multiple TCU revisions exist for each platform. APR software may be temporarily unavailable when factory updates are applied. We can check availability in person, or over the phone if the TCU boxcode/revision is known.

Box Codes Available at Launch
More will be added to our servers as they are discovered

4G0927166F S0004
4G1927166L S0004
4G1927166L S0006
4G1927166L S0007
4G1927166L S0008
4G1927166L S0010
4G1927166S S0007
4G1927166S S0009
4G1927166S S0010
4G1927166S S0011
4G1927166S S0013
4G9927166B S0005
4G9927166B S0007
4G9927166C S0006

No appointment is necessary for this install. Stop by between 9am and 4pm, Monday through Friday. First come, first served!

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Posted on August 7, 2015 – 9:00 am

ACHTUNING is currently looking for performance oriented, enthusiastic Audi and/or Volkswagen factory trained (preferred) technician to add to our growing team!  If you feel you qualify, please email your resume to!

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APR ECU & TCU: Combine and Save!

Posted on August 4, 2015 – 12:32 pm

The APR TCU Upgrade for the MQB platform DQ250 DSG / S-Tronic upgrade offers a wide gamut of changes to the transmission software that is designed to enhance the driving experience. This is especially true when combined with APR’s performance engine software and hardware. The TCU Upgrade is now available again at Achtuning and starting today through the end of August, we’re pleased to announce a bundle discount of $100 for those looking to get both the ECU and TCU Upgrade at the same time. This bundle applies to the new VW MK7 GTI & Golf R as well as the new Audi A3 & S3. No appointment necessary! Just roll through between 9am-4pm, M-F.

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APR Presents RS6/7 Turbo ECU Upgrade for the C7 S6 and S7 4.0 TFSI!

Posted on August 3, 2015 – 11:36 am

APR’s RS6/7 Turbo ECU Upgrade is now available for the S6/7 4.0 TFSI!

APR’s RS6/7 Turbo ECU Upgrade is designed for use with Audi’s high output RS6/7 4.0 TFSI turbochargers, which are a direct bolt on to the factory S6/7 4.0 TFSI Engine.  This upgrade offers 634 HP and 671 FT-LBS of torque on 93 octane fuel and 707 HP and 714 FT-LBS of torque with race fuel! The substantial increase in power and torque comes with lightning fast response and smooth daily driving that transforms the vehicle into a new class of enjoyment!

Working closely with our partners at NGP, who supplied the original test vehicle and offer the necessary hardware, APR’s Calibration Experts recalibrated the factory Bosch MED 17 engine management system to work seamlessly with the upgraded turbochargers, and offer a range of flexibility depending on vehicle modifications. Though the upgrade works well with with factory charge cooling, the ECU Upgrade is calibrated to take advantage of any cooling upgrades that are made. Additionally, the upgrade will work with the factory downpipes, though output will be less than advertised.

APR’s RS6/7 Turbo ECU Upgrade comes with all the benefits and features, including APR EMCS Program Switching and APR Mobile, as found on APR’s Stage I and II ECU Upgrades, and is conveniently flashed through the vehicle’s OBD-II port.

Pump Fuel

Race Fuel

91, 93, 100 and 104 octane graphs on APR’s website showing power at the wheels, crank and the gain over stock.

Requirements and Recommendations

  • Turbochargers – OEM RS6 / RS7 Turbochargers are required.
  • Intake – A high flow intake system, or drop in panel filter is recommended.
  • Exhaust – APR’s upcoming Cast Downpipes are highly recommended and are required to meet the advertised power figures.
  • Cooling – Upgraded turbocharger air-to-water cooling is highly recommended.
  • Spark Plugs – APR’s software is designed for use with Denso IKH24 spark plugs gapped to 0.024″ ±0.002″ or 0.6mm ±0.05mm with a change interval of 10-15,000 mi or 16-24,000 km.
  • Transmission – APR’s upcoming TCU Upgrade is highly recommended and is required to raise the factory rev limiter to achieve the advertised power figures.

Application Guide

Audi C7 S6 and S7 4.0 TFSI S-Tronic



$1,249.99 – Existing APR 4.0 TFSI Stage 1 or 2 ECU Upgrade Customer
$2,249.99 – New Customer

No additional charge for a fully loaded ECU, including APR’s EMCS Program Switching!

– Program Switching: A fully loaded ECU includes up to 4 program modes. (stock mode, performance modes, valet, etc).
– Availability and ECU Compatibility: Stages, programs, and features may not be available for all ECUs.
– ECU Revision Notice: Multiple ECU revisions exist for each platform. APR software may be temporarily unavailable when factory updates are applied. An APR dealer can check availability in person, or over the phone if the ECU boxcode/revision is known.

Security, Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee:
All APR ECU Upgrades include a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked. If for any reason the owners is dissatisfied with the APR ECU Upgrade, they may return to the place of purchase for a full refund, provided they are within the 30 day period from the time of the initial purchase. Labor or shipping charges are not included in the guarantee and are at the discretion of Achtuning.

Limited Lifetime Warranty:
All APR ECU Upgrades include a limited lifetime warranty against defects in the software, and to provide free updates and reflashes as they become available. Labor or shipping charges are not included in the warranty and are at the discretion of Achtuning.

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APR Presents a Free Stage I & II Update for the SQ5 3.0 TFSI!

Posted on July 29, 2015 – 10:00 am

Product Page

APR is pleased to announce version 2.0 Stage I and Stage II ECU Upgrades are now available for the SQ5 3.0 TFSI platform. This is a free update to existing APR ECU Upgrade customers! The latest updates offer a wide gamut of enhancements to our already stellar performance packages and come in the form of smoother operation, increased torque and increased horsepower across the entire power band! As much as an additional 27 horsepower and 22 ft-lbs of torque can be seen over the previous version as illustrated below.

Stage I v1.0 vs v2.0

Stage II v1.0 vs v2.0

The APR Stage I ECU Upgrade is designed to work without requiring other changes to the vehicle’s hardware. With the ECU Upgrade alone, APR’s Calibration Experts measured higher peak figures of 449 horsepower and 388 ft-lbs of torque with 93 AKI octane fuel. Large gains were seen throughout the power band, including an additional 98 horsepower and 98 ft-lbs of torque. The increase in power directly translates to an exceptionally quicker vehicle.

For those demanding more torque and power, The APR Supercharger Pulley Upgrade is the answer. Spinning the supercharger faster increases air flow allowing for higher boost levels and more power. The gain in torque is felt immediately, but the results are present across the entire powerband. Expect 455 horsepower and 400 ft-lbs of torque on 93 AKI octane fuel! Software is included as a free upgrade for APR Stage I customers with the purchase of an APR Supercharger Pulley Upgrade.

Available Octanes:

  • 91
  • 93
  • 100
  • 104

Available ECU Box Codes / Revisions at the launch:

  • 8R0907551C S0002
  • 8R0907551D S0003
  • 8R0907551G S0004
  • 8R0907551G S0005

Please note that while the ECU update is free, we do charge for installation.  No appointment is necessary whether you are coming in for a new flash or a reflash.  Roll through any time between 9am and 4pm, Monday through Friday.  First-come, first-served!

Visit us today!

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Hartmann Wheel Container Arrival

Posted on July 23, 2015 – 11:23 am

Our first (long over-due) ‪Hartmann Wheel‬ container of the season is here! We will be unloading 850+ wheels today with more containers to follow that will finally replenish inventory. We also have a new SKU to add to the Hartmann Wheel line-up. Now available is the HRS7-163-MA:M (matte-anthracite/machined) in a 20×9 with a +29mm offset.

Have a set of wheels on backorder? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can finalize your order. Otherwise, expect a call from our sales department as soon as we get done putting all of these wheels away!

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