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APR Shifter Cable Bracket

Posted on October 29, 2014 – 9:00 am


Achtuning is pleased to present APR’s latest, the APR Shifter Cable Bracket!  Through countless years of processional racing, APR Motorsport identified the factory shifter cable bracket system as a source of sloppy shifts, missed gears, bracket and bushing failure and even transmission failure. The factory shifter cable bracket is made from plastic with rubber bushings. Over time the bushings wear out, and during long races, heat can cause the bracket to flex and break. To alleviate all issues related with the factory design and not just some, APR’s Mechanical Engineers created the ultimate and final upgrade:The APR Solid Shifter Cable Bracket.

Key Points:

  • Addresses both issues with the OEM design
  • Cast 304 stainless steel eliminates flexible plastic OEM design
  • CNC-machined solid mounts eliminate rubber OEM bushings
  • Removes play, slop and the rubbery feeling of the OEM part
  • Will not flex, wear out and / or break under prolonged use
  • Lifetime warranty


The APR Solid Shifter Cable Bracket is made from cast 304 stainless steel and eliminates the rubber bushings with solid, CNC-machined mounting points. The bracket and bushings will not wear out over time or fatigue under heat and prolonged use, minimizing the potential for transmission damage. With the play and rubbery slop of the OEM component removed, it’s easier to find gears. Expect the feedback from each shift to remain true and confident with a more direct and solid feeling.

Transverse 1.8T / 2.0T / TDI / 3.2L VR6

6 Speed 02M/02Q MQ350

Part Number:


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APR’s own Audi RS4 downpipes!

Posted on September 24, 2014 – 9:00 am

The APR downpipe exhaust system is a perfect upgrade for any RS4 owner looking to get the most out of their 4.2L FSI V8.  The system features a completely unrestrictive design capable of supporting power output far beyond that of a fully built APR Stage 3+ TVS1740 supercharged engine.

Built as a direct OEM replacement, the downpipes are simple to install and provide more than adequate clearance from surrounding hardware. By removing four large and restrictive OEM catalytic converters, the downpipes provide a clear path for exhaust gasses exiting the headers. Connection to the factory catback exhaust is made simple by utilization of the factory hardware.

Constructed from T304 stainless steel, and fully tig welded, the system is designed to last through the harshest of conditions and is backed by a full lifetime warranty. Expect high quality components that enhance the sound and performance of the 4.2L FSI V8 and will stand the test of time.


  • T304 stainless steel piping, brackets, flanges, bungs and flex sections
  • Fully TIG welded
  • Brushed finish
  • Direct OEM replacement
  • Catless design removes 4 restrictive OEM catalytic converters
  • CNC mandrel bent piping
  • CNC bent and laser cut brackets
  • Dual 2.5” diameter for an effective 3.54” cross sectional area
  • Simple, light-weight design
  • Capable of supporting power levels well beyond APR Stage 3+
  • 4 bung plugs with copper crush washers
  • Perfectly complements APR’s Stage 1 ECU Upgrade and Stage 3 / 3+ Supercharger Systems
  • Lifetime warranty

Application Guide

Audi (B7) RS4 – DPK0010 – $1,199.99 

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APR DirectPort Programming For ALL!

Posted on September 17, 2014 – 10:00 am

Achtuning is excited to announce that APR’s world renowned DirectPort Programming (DPP) will be available for nearly all Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and other VAG vehicles produced between 2008 to today!  Gone are the days where most ECUs need to be removed and opened to install an APR ECU Upgrade.  DPP will allow us to flash APR ECU Upgrades directly to your MED17.x and EDC17.x ECU customers over the factory OBD-II diagnostic port with ease.  Welcome to a better world of APR ECU tuning.  We call it Performance Without Compromise!

Not only is APR’s DPP stealthy and less labor intensive, but also allows the release of several highly anticipated APR ECU Upgrades.  Customers of the newer flex fuel B8.5 A4 & A5 2.0Ts, various newer 3.0 TDIs and newer TT, CC & Tiguan 2.0Ts will be elated to know APR’s ECU Upgrades will be available shortly.  Furthermore, with the ability to distribute ECU Upgrades without requiring new flashing devices, APR’s Calibration Engineers are now able to work on various TDI and newer gasoline models like the recently released 1.4 TSI.

APR will debut the new DirectPort Programming at H2O International on the weekend of September 26th.  Support through Achtuning will follow starting the week after for applicable platforms.  All mentioned previously unsupported ECUs will also be supported at the show*.

Currently released Bosch MED17.x and EDC17.x ECU upgrades applicable to this release:

– 1.4 Turbo (Ex. A1)
– 1.4 Twincharger (Ex. MKV Polo)
– 1.8T EA888 Gen 1 Transverse (Ex. MK2 A3)
– 1.8T EA888 Gen 1 Longitudinal (Ex. B8 A4)
– 2.0T EA888 Gen 1 Transverse (Ex. MK6 GTI)
– 2.0T EA888 Gen 1 Longitudinal (Ex. Amarok)
– 2.0T EA888 Gen 2 Transverse (Ex. MKII TT)
– 2.0T EA888 Gen 2 Longitudinal (Ex B8 A4)
– 2.0 TDI CR Transverse (Ex. MK6 Golf)
– 2.0 TDI CR Longitudinal (Ex. B8 A4)
– 2.0 TDI CR Biturbo (Ex. Amarok)
– 3.0 TDI CR (Ex. C7 A6)
– 3.0 TDI CR Biturbo (Ex. SQ5)
– 3.6L FSI VR6 (Ex. C7 Passat)
– 4.0 TFSI (Ex. RS7)
– 4.2L FSI V8 (Ex. RS5)

Previously unsupported models:

– Late model 2.0 TSI CC and Tiguan
– Late model 2.0 TFSI TT
– Late model 2.0 TFSI B8.5 A4 and A5
– Late model TDI models

*Please note: there are numerous ECU box codes and revisions.  During the H2Oi release, some will not be available.  ECUs not currently available will need to be extracted and then will be made available at Achtuning upon release.

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APR: Performance From The Ground Up

Posted on September 17, 2014 – 9:00 am

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APR 1.8 TSI Generation 3 ECU Upgrade for the MQB Platform

Posted on September 3, 2014 – 9:00 am

Achtuning is pleased to present APR’s release of the ultimate engine control unit (ECU) upgrade for the Generation 3, 1.8 TSI engine as found in the MQB platform vehicles.  APR’s ECU upgrade is available in octane-specific variations and is conveniently flashed to the vehicle’s factory ECU through the OBD-II port without any physical modification to the factory ECU.

The Continental SIMOS 12 engine management system is responsible for proper operation of the engine during constantly changing environmental and load conditions. With built in compensational data for environmental variables and varying load conditions, the factory ECU is far more complex and intelligent than units found in other vehicle makes and marques.

APR’s Calibration Engineers spent months calibrating the engine management system, including many hours of in-house chassis dyno development. With a thorough understanding of the ECU’s torque structure, APR’s Calibration Engineers properly increased engine load to produce more power and torque from idle to redline. APR’s ECU Upgrade increases turbocharger boost pressure and optimizes cam timing, ignition timing, lambda and more to produce higher output. Using APR’s proprietary high-speed data logging suite, the calibration team closely monitored the effects of these changes to ensure a powerful ECU upgrade without derogating the engine’s drivability or reliability.

APR’s ECU Upgrade will provide an excellent leap in power and torque while retaining OEM knock control sensitivity and other built in safety features. The result is safely achieved power, optimized for various fuel grades found around the world. We call it Performance Without Compromise!

APR Stage I ECU Upgrade

The APR Stage I ECU Upgrade is designed to work without requiring other changes to the vehicle’s hardware. With the ECU Upgrade alone, APR’s Calibration Experts measured higher peak figures of 334 ft-lbs of torque and 247 horsepower with 93 AKI octane fuel. Large gains were seen throughout the power band, including an additional 129 ft-lbs of torque and 90 horsepower. The increase in power directly translates to an exceptionally quicker vehicle. Using advanced GPS measuring devices, APR’s engineers conducted several acceleration tests. During the 60-120 mph sprint, the APR Stage I equipped vehicle finished 11.6 seconds faster!

APR’s ECU upgrade is the best power per dollar modification for the new 1.8 TSI engine and takes the vehicle’s performance to similar levels typically reserved for higher output, sporty models, without pushing the limits. With factory-like smoothness and drivability, APR’s ECU upgrade will fill the void in an otherwise excellent vehicle.

Acceleration Enhancements:

Beyond power and torque enhancements, APR’s Calibration Engineers were able to increase the acceleration rate of the vehicle through other calibrations changes. Ignition delay is reduced resulting in a more responsive pedal without altering overall throttle sensitivity. Furthermore, drivability was greatly improved by reducing the throttle lag commonly noticed at slow speeds and while reapplying throttle after decelerating.

Increased Fuel Economy:

APR’s Calibration Engineers paid close attention to several parameters directly related to fuel economy, especially while cruising at highway speeds. Depending on driving style and fuel quality, better miles per gallon may be achieved!

Speed Limiter:

APR’s ECU upgrade increases the vehicle’s top speed limiter for blistering sprints around the track or across the Autobahn without the speed limiter shutting down the fun!

Left Foot Braking / Brake Boosting:

APR’s Left Foot Braking feature allows more control over the vehicle’s throttle. The factory equipped vehicle’s throttle input is disabled while pressing the accelerator and brake at the same time. Left Foot Braking, a common motorsport driving technique, allows the driver complete control over the vehicle’s throttle and braking system, which may give the vehicle the edge it needs at the track. As is with all features APR adds to the ECU, this feature may be removed upon request.

Clutch Protection:

APR’s standard Stage I ECU Upgrade offers a large increase in low-end torque, which may overpower the factory clutch. While APR did not experience clutch slip at the advertised torque levels and even higher, others may due to clutch health and driving style. APR recommends upgrading slipping clutches, but has also created special software designed to deliver the same peak horsepower with a cap on low end torque to reduce or eliminate slipping. These specific files are available with various torque caps set lower than the standard Stage I ECU Upgrade. 

Torque Management:

Torque management plays a big role in how the vehicle feels and preforms, especially during moments of low gear, rapid acceleration. Typically front wheel drive vehicles suffer from excessive wheel spin during these moments due to the massive amount of torque on tap from the ECU upgrade. APR’s ECU Upgrade uses advanced torque management routines to minimize wheel spin and maximize forward acceleration so the driver can focus on enjoying the additional torque and power on tap. We call it Performance Without Compromise! 

Crank figures | Wheel Figures | Gain Over Stock – 91 Octane
Crank figures | Wheel Figures | Gain Over Stock – 93 Octane

APR Stage I ECU Upgrade Calibration Report

170 & 180 HP | 184, 200 & 207 TQ – Stock as reported by VAG
179 HP & 207 FT-LBS of torque – Stock as mesured and estimated at the crank by APR
239 HP & 321 FT-LBS of torque +82 HP @ 4,050 RPM / +117 FT-LBS of Torque @ 3,150 RPM – 91 AKI / 95 RON
247 HP & 334 FT-LBS of torque +90 HP @ 3,050 RPM / +129 FT-LBS of Torque @ 3,950 RPM – 93 AKI / 98 RON

- APR recommends and tuned with Sunoco GT 260 for 100 AKI mode and Sunoco GT 260 Plus for 104 AKI mode. Never use lower octane than specified by the mode.
– Max increases are based on APR’s actual measured stock values and not those reported by VW. | RON = ROW Fuel Grades | AKI = North American (RON+MON)/2 Fuel Grades.
– Reported wheel figures measured on APR’s in house Dynapack Dynamometer with a US Spec 2014 Audi A3 Sedan DSG, using SAEJ1349 correction and an average of multiple runs. Crank figures estimated based on the measured wheel figures. Results will vary depending upon environmental conditions, vehicle, transmission, vehicle health, operating conditions, temperatures, fuel grade, dyno type, dyno setup, and other modifications.

APR Acceleration Tests

Stock vs APR Stage 1, 93 octane

7.181 vs 6.149 – 0-60 MPH
7.562 vs 6.422 – 0-62 MPH
7.591 vs 6.441 – 0-100 KPH
20.260 vs 14.770 – 0-100 MPH
28.950 vs 17.311 – 60-120 MPH
Speed Limited vs 19.682 – 62-124 MPH
Speed Limited vs 19.845 – 100-200 KPH

- Data collected at the same location with a US Spec 2014 A3 Sedan DSG via a Racelogic P-Box with ESP/ASR disabled, sport mode, and automatic redline shifts. Results will vary depending upon location, environmental conditions, vehicle, transmission, shift points, vehicle health, operating conditions, temperatures, fuel grade, weight, tires, other modifications and more.


The APR Development Difference

APR DirectPort Programming:
APR’s patented DirectPort Programming is now available for the Simos 12.x ECU! Any APR Dealer in the world, connected to the Internet, has direct access to APR’s latest ECU upgrades for loading directly over the vehicle’s OBD-II port. This completely eliminates the need to remove and open the ECU for currently available files and can be uninstalled at any time!

APR ECU Explorer:
APR’s proprietary ECU Explorer gives APR’s Calibration Engineers unparalleled access to the vehicle’s entire engine management system. Typical commercially available data logging tools, used by most tuners, only allow logging up to 12 engine-operating variables at extremely low data rates. These tools are also limited to a small, specific list of variables. APR’s ECU Explorer is capable of logging every variable found within the ECU. It’s capable of logging well over 100 variables at once with data rates as high as 100 samples per second. Synchronous data logging is available for fine-tuning.

APR ECU Composer:
APR’s proprietary ECU Composer is used for altering the engine management system. With full access to every table, map and variable within the ECU, APR’s Calibration Engineers are not limited to a handful of maps as is common for most tuning companies. ECU Composer takes calibration to a new level with APR’s Quick Flashing. APR’s Calibration Engineers can reflash the ECU in seconds rather than waiting lengthy periods of time between each flash.

APR ECU Assembly:
APR’s Electrical Engineers have the ability to alter the code structure of the ECU. Through code levels changes, APR’s Engineers are able to add features to the ECU. Other changes allow higher torque limits than those achievable through only modifying calibration data or using piggyback devices as is the case for many tuners. This allows APR’s engineers to often not require transmission software to meet or exceed advertised gains. On the highly modified end, this allows APR to make turbo upgrades operate as if intended by the OEM.

Application Guide

2013+ Audi A3 – released
2013+ Skoda Octavia – In Development
2013+ Seat Leon – In Development
2014+ Volkswagen Golf – In Development


North America – Released
Rest of World – In Development!


- Please note, while APR tries to keep the application guide up to date, new vehicles, engine codes, transmissions and other deatils may not be listed in the guide above.
– Pricing applicable to the USA only. If outside of the USA, please contact an APR Dealer and Importer for pricing.
– The first three letters of the vehicle’s engine code are typically written on white bar code sticker on the side of the engine.
– Please note, VAG issues many ECU part numbers and revisions throughout their vehicle lineup. As such, some ECU part numbers may be temporarily unavailable when new parts or revisions are released. If the vehicle’s ECU box code and revision is known, availability can be checked by calling APR, or visiting an APR dealer. Typical turnaround time for new ECU box code and revision is quick. Please contact APR for details.

Security, Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

All APR ECU Upgrades are fully encrypted to prevent theft of our valuable and proprietary coding information by lesser companies.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee:

All APR ECU Upgrades include a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked. If for any reason the owners is dissatisfied with the APR ECU Upgrade, they may return to the place of purchase for a full refund, provided they are within the 30 day period from the time of the initial purchase. Labor or shipping charges are not included in the guarantee and are at the discretion of the place of install.

Limited Lifetime Warranty:

All APR ECU Upgrades include a limited lifetime warranty against defects in the software, and to provide free updates and reflashes as they become available. Labor or shipping charges are not included in the warranty and are at the discretion of the place of install.

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APR Valve Spring System

Posted on July 15, 2014 – 9:00 am

The APR Valve Spring System is a high performance, light-weight upgrade designed to increase valve control and eradicate valve float common on many applications.  APR’s design specifications called for a valve spring, retainer and spring seat combination that doesn’t overpower and snap the OEM valves or erode the aluminum spring seat, while still maintaining exceptional valve control.  The result is an advanced design that’s 28% lighter yet 20% stiffer than the high performance OEM Golf R setup and is proven to eliminate the OEM valve train’s weakest link.  APR calls it Performance Without Compromise!

Key Points:

  • Increase valve train control
  • 71% weight reduction over OEM Golf R retainers
  • 19% weight reduction over OEM Golf R springs
  • 20% stiffness increase over OEM Golf R springs
  • Eradicates TSI K04 “valve float” issues
  • Supports higher revving applications
  • Weight saving beehive spring design
  • ASTM A877A OTSC round wire steel springs
  • 6AL4V American titanium retainers
  • 4140 heat-treated chrome molly steel spring seats with black oxide coating
  • 29 grams per spring
  • 2 grams per retainer
  • Compatible with OEM valves
  • Spring seats included to protects against aluminum erosion in the head

Valve Springs

Weight reduction, and not necessary stiffness, is absolutely necessary to increasing valve control.  The APR Valve Spring utilizes a beehive design that allows for a reduction in mass in not only the spring itself, but also through use of a smaller titanium retainer.  The springs feature an ovate wire design that allows for even stress distribution resulting in better control at high RPMs through a resistance of harmful valve float inducing harmonics.  The lightweight design also accomplishes accurate valve control without requiring an overly stiff spring which has been proven to snap OEM valves in half.  Each valve spring weights 29 grams and represents a 19% weight reduction over the OEM Golf R spring.  The result is a highly engineered design that’s simply plug and play!

Valve Spring Retainers

Through the use of a beehive design, APR’s Engineers were able to design and supply a valve spring retainer that’s smaller than stock to reduce weight as much as possible.  In an effort to offer extreme weight savings, at an additional 71% over the OEM Golf R retainers, American 6AL4V titanium was used for its high specific strength weighing in at only 2 grams each.  By offering outstanding weight savings, exceptional valve control characteristic are achieved while only requiring a modest 20% increase in stiffness over the OEM Golf R spring.

Valve Spring Seats

Often an overlooked piece of an upgraded valve train is the valve spring seat.  The factory heads are aluminum, and unfortunately increased spring pressure can distort or erode the mating surface overtime as they mate directly to the bare head.  To prevent this from happening, APR’s Engineers designed valve spring seats out of 4140 heat-treated chrome molly steel with a black oxide coating.  The spring seats are strong enough to withstand pressure from the springs and provide a mating surface that evenly distributes spring load across a larger area than the spring it self, allowing an increased spring rate without negative side effects to the aluminum head.

Eliminating Valve Float

It’s not uncommon to experience valve float with the OEM valve springs, even below the OEM rev limit.  On some applications like the 2.0 TSI, back pressure from the K04 turbocharger has been known to force the exhaust valves open. This has been noticed on vehicles with overly weak OEM valve springs and some with higher miles that have simply lost their stiffness over time.

This issue accompanies misfires commonly above 5000 RPM.  In some extreme cases, valves are forced open and the vehicle ceases accelerating any further.  A quick datalog of intake mass airflow and boost pressure at wide open throttle will show a sudden rise in boost pressure with an immediate loss of airflow as pressure from the open valves is pushed back into the intake manifold.

On other applications, valve float can begin to occur just beyond the OEM rev limit.  While other components, such as higher strength valves are often required for extremely high revving applications, the APR Valve Spring System will eliminate float well beyond the revving constraints set forth by the other components.

Application Guide

APR Valve Springs, Valve Seats and Valve Retainers
Set of 16 Intake / Exhaust
1.8T & 2.0T (EA113 & EA888 G1/2)

APR Valve Springs, Valve Seats and Valve Retainers
Set of 20 Intake / Exhaust
2.5 TFSI & 2.5L I5

APR Valve Springs, Valve Seats and Valve Retainers
Set of 24 Intake / Exhaust
3.0 TFSI & 3.2L FSI V6

APR Valve Springs, Valve Seats and Valve Retainers
Set of 32 Intake / Exhaust
4.0 TFSI & 4.2L FSI V8

APR Valve Springs, Valve Seats and Valve Retainers
Set of 40 Intake / Exhaust
5.0 TFSI & 5.2L FSI V10

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APR’s “Boost Tap” For 1.8T & 2.0T Gen 3 EA888

Posted on July 10, 2014 – 12:00 pm

APR has just released the 1.8T / 2.0T EA888 Gen 3 “Boost Tap”!

The APR Boost Tap for the 1.8T and 2.0T EA888 Gen 3 engines is a simple, yet elegant solution for referencing boost pressure and vacuum as is commonly necessary for boost gauges.  The boost tap plugs directly into the factory intake manifold via the boost pressure sensor bung and can be removed at any time without any permanent modification.

Kit Includes:

- 1 Injection-molded boost tap
- 1 Viton o-ring seal
- 1 Stainless steel barbed connection point
- 1 MAP sensor fastener
- 1 Brass “No-buzz” mechanical boost gauge restrictor pill
- 1 Tap cap
- 5 Stepless OEM style ear clamps
- 96 Inches of 200 PSI hose
- 1 T-fitting
- 5 Black cable ties

Constructed from lightweight injection-molded glass-filled polypropylene with a Viton o-ring, the tap has very tight tolerances for leak free operation.  The reference hoses connect to the rear of the tap via a barbed stainless steel connection point and conveniently routes out of sight.  A special fastener was developed to ensure a solid OEM-style-connect between the boost tap, MAP sensor, and manifold.

In addition to the boost tap, APR provides several extra components to help suit each individual’s needs. For those requiring more than one reference source, a T-Fitting allows for more tapping points. In the case where a mechanical boost gauge is used, the brass restrictor pill limits flow and cures gauge buzz.  Just less than 100 inches of 200 PSI hose is included with OEM style ear clamps and black cable ties to allow for neatly routing hose through the engine bay.


The APR Boost Tap comes with a lifetime warranty and is the only solution one will need for years of reliable operation.

Application Guide

All 1.8T and 2.0T EA888 Gen 3 Engines

Audi A3 / S3 – (MK3 / Typ 8V)
Seat Leon / Cupra – (MKIII / Typ 5F)
Skoda Octavia / vRS – (MKIII / Typ 5E)
Volkswagen Golf / GTI / R – (MK7 / A7 / Typ 5G)
Volkswagen Jetta / GLI – (MK6 / A6)
Volkswagen Beetle
Volkswagen Passat B7

Part / Price: MS100079 – $59.99

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APR R8 Stage III+ Supercharger System now R-Tronic Compatible!

Posted on June 16, 2014 – 9:00 am

After months of additional testing, Achtuning is pleased to announce the APR Stage III+ TVS1740 Supercharger System is fully compatible with the R-Tronic transmission! Check out the video featuring our very own R-Tronic equipped, APR “Stage 3″ supercharged Audi R8 being flogged on an airfield with APR’s 6-speed R8!

In the factory form, Audi’s high revving FSI V8 can leave much to be desired compared to some of the latest technological advances brought forth by Quattro GmbH in recent years. The APR Stage III+ TVS1740 Supercharger System fills the void by adding an average of roughly 46% more horsepower and torque across the entire power band. The results are nothing short of amazing; taking the R8 from 425 horsepower to 642 horsepower on pump fuel and 689 horsepower on race fuel without breaking a sweat! With 550 FT-LBS on tap thanks to the TVS1740’s positive displacement supercharger, expect instant acceleration with absolutely no lag commonly associated with other forms of forced induction.

To read more about the system and all of the included components, power, acceleration results, and more, check out our product page or contact us via email ( or give our sales team a call: 425-895-0000

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APR Releases DQ250 DSG & S-tronic TCU Upgrades!

Posted on May 5, 2014 – 11:00 am


Achtuning is excited to announce APR’s release of the ultimate transmission control unit (TCU) upgrade for the DQ250 Exx & Fxx DSG and S-tronic transmissions!  APR’s TCU upgrade is available in engine and power level specific variations and is conveniently flashed to the vehicle’s factory TCU through the OBD-II port. APR’s patented DirectPort Programming Suite allows the end user to customize the TCU upgrade to their individual needs.

APR’s TCU upgrade enhances the driving experience by incorporating many of the same features typically reserved for high-end Audi Quattro GmbH RS models. Under blistering, wide-open throttle acceleration, the transmission shifts even more quickly than before with a higher rev limit. However, during normal, day-to-day driving, the TCU Upgrade delivers a smooth, more refined, driving experience.

End User Adjustability

APR’s DirectPort programming suite allows users to custom tailor the TCU upgrade to their needs at the time of installation. Users are given the following options, which they may change at an APR dealer at any time:

  • User definable APR pre-optimized shift patterns based on current stage of engine performance
  • User definable launch control RPM
  • User definable manual mode max RPM
  • User definable manual mode automatic up-shift on or off
  • User definable manual mode automatic down-shift on or off (Kick-down switch)

APR will adjust any mismatch between Engine Control Unit (ECU) and TCU max RPM or standing rev limiters, should any conflicts arise.

Drive Mode Characteristics

Drive mode’s performance and comfort is greatly improved based upon the current stage of engine performance. Gear change up-shift and down-shift points occur based on engine load and throttle position, rather than hard set points, and as such occur more smoothly and less abruptly. The driver may feel more connected to the vehicle as the gear changes occur more naturally. Under part throttle driving, the transmission will stay in the current gear until the appropriate moment necessary to shift, rather than jumping to higher gears too quickly. This is especially true for calibrations geared towards larger turbocharger systems where response characteristics of the turbocharger changes the part throttle driving experience. Under wide-open throttle acceleration, shifting times are reduced and the maximum shift point RPM is set to the ECU’s rev limiter.

Sport Mode Characteristics

Sport mode’s performance and comfort is also greatly improved based upon the current stage of engine performance. Expect extremely fast gear changes as the wide-open throttle shift times are reduced. APR’s taken a two-stage approach to wide-open throttle operation as well. Shift points are optimized to deliver the fastest acceleration possible under wide-open throttle by following the torque curve of each available stage. However, with the pedal pressed far enough to hold the kick-down switch, shifts points override the torque curve and now occur at the maximum engine RPM!

Part-throttle drivability is greatly improved too. Some factory DQ250 transmission software is too aggressively geared towards holding high RPMs, and often uncomfortably down-shifts when unwanted. Under low accelerator pedal position, low load driving, gearshifts occur earlier, allowing the driver to enjoy sport mode even during those moments when wide-open throttle operation is not permissible. However, should the driver request more torque with his or her right foot, the transmission comes alive in the true spirit of sport mode!

Manual Mode Characteristics

At the time of installation, the user is able to select several options that change the behavior of manual mode. The user has the ability to enable or disable either the manual mode automatic kick-down switch for automatic down-shifts as well as the automatic up-shift that occurs at redline. For safety and acceleration, APR’s engineers kept the automatic up-shift present in first gear.

The ECU defines the maximum engine RPM possible. Using APR’s user definable max RPM settings, the end user can match the ECU’s RPM to the TCU RPM to avoid hitting the engine rev limiter should the automatic redline up-shift option remain active. In the case where an APR ECU Upgrade’s redline is lower than expected, APR can issue a free ECU update to correct the max engine RPM.

During manual mode shifting times are not only greatly improved, but the artificial delays between requesting a shift with the paddles and shifter are reduced as well. As soon as a shift request is made, the transmission instantly begins the shifting routine. Furthermore, the down-shift lockout is removed, allowing the operator to downshift at any point, so long as the next gear does not surpass the max engine RPM.

With manual mode tailored to the end users need, they are presented with a more enjoyable driving experience that operates exactly how they choose. We call it Performance Without Compromise!

Launch Control

APR’s TCU upgrade enables launch control on all vehicles. At the time of installation, the user is able to select their desired launch RPM, as they see fit! Launch control activates quickly, with a wider operating window, by limiting some of the stubborn activation criteria some models face during activation. The end user will notice launches now occur more rapidly with less delay between releasing the brake and forward momentum. The clutches fully grab quickly off the line and shift times are reduced. This directly translates into faster acceleration!

APR will adjust any mismatch between Engine Control Unit (ECU) and TCU standing rev limters, should any conflicts arise.

*Please Note, the vehicle must be equipped with a traction control button to enable launch control.*

Gear display indicator

APR’s TCU upgrade enables the gear display indicator for Drive and Sport mode in the vehicle’s multi function display.

Torque Limits

All too often TCU upgrades are sold as a solution to “torque limiters” in which many companies charge extra to raise. While some companies may have trouble with torque interventions from the transmission, even at stage I power and torque levels, APR ECU upgrades do not require a TCU upgrade to meet advertised peak torque levels. APR does not charge extra to “raise the limits.” Raising the limits does not increase performance and does not increase the transmission’s ability to hold more torque. The maximum torque limiters are simply removed, allowing customers unrestricted operation. In the event torque is limited by the factory clutches, upgraded units may be installed and torque may be increased without TCU intervention.

DSG Temperature Management

Temperature management is an important part of the DQ250 transmission. While some software may simply remove temperature protection routines all together and claim increased cooling performance, APR’s TCU upgrade only allows the maximum safe temperature levels before intervention. Unlike the factory intervention routine, which simply allows for nearly no torque to be transmitted through the transmission at all, APR’s over temp intervention allows for a very limited amount of torque, enough so the vehicle can be safely driven off the track or pulled to the side of the road. In keeping the vehicle moving, airflow continues across the radiator, which in turn keeps coolant temps low and aids in removing heat from the factory DQ250 water to oil cooler to restore full operation.

Typical Max ECU Rev Limits

  • Naturally Aspirated Engines (ex, 3.6L FSI) – 6,800 RPM
  • 2.0T TDI CR Engines – TBD
  • 2.0T EA113 K03 Turbo Engines – 6,800 RPM
  • 2.0T EA113 K04 Turbo Engines – 7,100 RPM
  • 1.8T & 2.0T EA888 Gen 1 IHI Turbo Engines – 6,800 RPM
  • 2.0T EA888 Gen 2 IHI Turbo Engines – 6,800 RPM
  • 2.0T EA888 Gen 3 Honeywell Turbo Engines – 6,800 RPM
  • 1.8T EA888 Gen 3 IHI Turbo Engines – 6,800 RPM
  • 2.0T EA888 Gen 3 IHI Turbo Engines – 7,100 RPM
  • K04, Stage III and III+ Upgraded Engines – 7,100 RPM

Any mismatches in APR ECU/TCU redline can be altered upon request.

The APR Difference

Please note APR’s TCU upgrade is for the Temic Tricore based Exx and Fxx transmissions. Earlier Power PC based Cxx transmissions as found in vehicles such as early K03 based EA113 2.0T’s and older 3.2L VR6’s greatly differ in their features, capabilities and TCU complexity.

APR TCU Upgrade Creation

APR’s engineers have taken a direct and custom approach to calibrating the TCU. All too often others create a generic calibration that is forced across a wide range of different vehicles and transmission versions. Unfortunately this generic method of copy and paste tuning can result in some undesirable effects, such as slow up shifts and downshifts, torque interventions, stumbling and immobility. In some extreme cases, damage to the transmission can occur. With hundreds of factory TCU variations available for the DQ250, APR’s engineers have painstakingly ensured every TCU upgrade is created using the transmission’s original file to ensure the ultimate experience!

APR DirectPort Programming

APR’s patented DirectPort Programming is now available for the Temic Tricore Exx and Fxx DQ250 transmissions. With a simple connection to the Internet, we have direct access to APR’s latest TCU upgrades for installation directly over the vehicle’s OBD-II port. This completely eliminates the need to remove and open the TCU and can be uninstalled at any time!

APR TCU Composer

APR’s proprietary TCU Composer is used for altering the transmission management system. With full access to every table, map and variable within every TCU, APR’s Calibration Engineers are not limited to the handful of pre-defined maps as is common for most tuning companies.

APR TCU Assembly

APR’s Electrical Engineers have the ability to alter the code structure of the TCU. Through code levels changes, APR’s Engineers are able to add future features to the TCU otherwise impossible through calibration changes alone.

Application Guides

For best results, APR advises against mixing and matching non APR TCU and ECU Upgrades. APR cannot guarantee complete compatibility with non APR ECU upgrades. Please read our 30 day money back guarantee section for more details.

Transmission Types

DQ250 – Exx & Fxx – Temic Tricore – 6 Speed DSG & S tronic


Stage I – For use with the stock turbo and naturally aspirated engines
Stage II – For use on vehicles with an upgraded K04 Turbocharger
Stage III (COMING SOON!) – For use on vehicles with an upgraded Stage III/III+ or larger Turbocharger

Each stage is specifically tailored for each individual application



Please note changing options or switching between stages I and II is free!  (labor costs may apply)

Supported Vehicles / Engines

2.0 TDI CR – Transverse – Coming Soon
2.0T – EA113 – Transverse – Exx and Fxx only. Early Cxx models not available. 
1.8T – EA888 Gen 1 – Transverse
2.0T – EA888 Gen 1 – Transverse
2.0T – EA888 Gen 2 – Transverse – (Late model TT)
2.0T – EA888 Gen 3 – Transverse – 2013.5+ Jetta/GLI, Beetle & Passat
2.0T – EA888 Gen 3 – Transverse – New MQB GTI, R, A3, S3, Octavia Etc Coming Soon!
3.6L FSI VR6 – Transverse – Exx and Fxx only. Early Cxx models not available. 

Security, Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

All APR TCU Upgrades include a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the APR TCU Upgrade, return to your place of purchase for a full refund, provided you are within the 30 day period from the time of your initial purchase. Labor charges are not included in the guarantee.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

All APR TCU Upgrades include a limited lifetime warranty against defects in the software, and to provide free updates and reflashes as they become available. Labor charges are not included in the warranty.

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2014 Port Townsend Cruise Raffle Winners

Posted on April 9, 2014 – 12:07 pm


On Saturday, April 5th we had 242 European car enthusiasts gather at Pacific Raceways in preparation for the 2014 Port Townsend Cruise.  Participants were encouraged to bring a minimum cash donation of $10 benefiting Seattle Cancer Care Alliance in exchange for raffle tickets.  Available prizes included a set of H&R “Street Performance” coilovers, a set of H&R front and rear sway bars, a free APR ECU upgrade, a set of front and rear StopTech “Street Performance” brake pads, and some FREE services from Achtuning including TWO free wheel alignments, a free brake fluid flush, and a free oil change with tire rotation!  A big “Thank you!” to our supporting vendors/sponsors – APR, H&R, and StopTech – who have thrown in so much for the sake of our European enthusiast community!!  Between those 242 cars, $4915 was collected for Seattle Cancer Care Alliance!!  We can’t thank you Pacific Northwest enthusiasts enough for your generosity.  We hope everyone had a great time and look forward to next year’s event.

And now, our PTC2014 Raffle Winners:

* ticket #7114597 – a FREE set of H&R “Street Performance” coilovers!

* ticket #7114610 – a FREE set of front/rear H&R sway bars!

* ticket #7114463 – a FREE APR ECU upgrade!

* ticket #7114573 – a FREE set of front/rear StopTech brake pads

FREE wheel alignment #1:
* ticket #7112424

FREE wheel alignment #2:
* ticket #7112381

FREE brake fluid flush:
* ticket #7114438

FREE oil change & tire rotation:
* ticket #7114620

Winners, please contact Achtuning staff immediately and be prepared to present your raffle ticket when you come to claim your prize. Keep in mind the H&R gift certificates expire at the end of May this year so don’t wait to claim your prize!!

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