Audi TTS Wheel Spacers

Posted on May 22, 2012 – 10:29 am

Barry told me he felt the stance of his Audi TTS was a bit on the weak side, so we had him roll through for measurements and scheduled an H&R wheel spacer install.

To take measurements, you simply determine just how far out (in millimeters) the wheels can come out in the fender without coming into contact with them. Since a suspension upgrade wasn’t planned any time in the near future we also had to take into account the stock suspension travel to make sure that on hard suspension compression the tires wouldn’t high-five the fender and push it out of place. It was determined that hub-centric H&R 8mm (p/n 1655572) front and 12mm (p/n 2455571) rear wheel spacers would push the wheels out just enough to offer Barry the aggressive stance he was after without any of the drama.


The difference in offset with the spacers is small but big enough to make a visual impact on the Audi TTS stance. Barry approves.