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APR Vent Mounted Boost Gauge System

Posted on December 22, 2014 – 9:00 am

APR releases their VW (Mk7) Vent Mounted Boost Gauge System!


With Volkswagen’s all turbocharger driven engine lineup gracing the new MK7 platform, APR was presented with the unique opportunity to bring visual excitement and technical awareness to the driving and tuning experience. After conducting extensive design studies and testing multiple revisions, APR has developed an elegant plug-and-play vent-mounted boost gauge system worthy of gracing the interior of Volkswagen’s latest models.


The APR Boost Gauge System features a high quality and accurate electronic 52mm gauge with smooth and precise movement thanks to microprocessor driven stepper motor. The gauge’s anti-fogging polycarbonate lens allows reliable vent-mounted operation without fogging as is common on units without this design specification. Visual design cues were borrowed from the MK7 Golf, GTI and Golf R instrument clusters to deliver a dimmable LED backlit face with multiple needle …

AWE Tuning Audi SQ5 Touring Edition Exhaust

Posted on December 18, 2014 – 12:00 pm

This is AWE Tuning’s second “Q” release of the week!  Achtuning is excited to announce the release of their Audi SQ5 Touring Edition Exhaust!!

Highlights of the SQ5 Touring Edition Exhaust

Featuring AWE Tuning’s sound cancellation solution: 180 Technology™
Engineered around the SQ5’s specific Tiptronic tuning
Direct bolt-on
X-Pipe for enhanced exhaust scavenging and improved tone
Available with Chrome Silver or Diamond Black adjustable quad outlet 102mm tips
Crafted from 2.5” T304 Stainless Steel
No CEL Guarantee
Fitment Guarantee
Lifetime Exhaust Warranty

An exhaust for the 8 speed Tiptronic: Solved.

Since there is no independent control of the valves (except “Sport” mode which changes a number of other things), the AWE Tuning 180 Technology™  equipped exhaust responds to driver inputs seamlessly, removing the need for valving.   As you know by now, 180 Technology™ is not the standard, typical approach to performance exhaust …

AWE Tuning Q5 3.0T Touring Edition Exhaust

Posted on December 16, 2014 – 1:00 pm

When Audi gave the Q5 the 3.0T engine AWE Tuning knew they needed to take it to the next level.  So they came up with a system that not only helped propel the Q5 to a 1/4 mile world record, but also maintain perfect daily driving manners.

The hand crafted AWE Tuning Q5 3.0T Touring Edition Exhaust was specially crafted for the Audi 8 speed Tiptronic transmission, featuring an x-pipe for enhanced exhaust tone, and AWE Tuning 180 Technology™ to eliminate drone. This is the perfect performance compliment for one of the finest SUVs available.


Highlights of the Q5 3.0T Exhaust system

Featuring AWE Tuning 180 Technology™
Direct bolt-on
Specifically designed for the 8 speed transmission
X-Pipe for enhanced exhaust scavenging and improved tone
Crafted from 2.5” T304 Stainless Steel
Available with Chrome Silver or Diamond Black adjustable 102mm tips
Engineered, developed, tested, and manufactured in-house
Completely street legal…

APR 1.8 TSI Generation 3 ECU Upgrade for the MQB Platform

Posted on December 16, 2014 – 8:00 am

Achtuning is excited to announce the re-release of APR’s ultimate engine control unit (ECU) upgrade for the Generation 3, 1.8 TSI and TFSI engine as found in the MQB platform vehicles. APR’s ECU upgrade is available in octane-specific variations and is conveniently flashed to the vehicle’s factory ECU through the OBD-II port without any physical modification to the factory ECU.

The ECU’s Continental SIMOS 12.x engine management system is responsible for proper operation of the engine during constantly changing environmental and load conditions. With built in compensational data for environmental variables and varying load conditions, the factory ECU is far more complex and intelligent than units found in other vehicle makes and marques.

APR’s Calibration Engineers spent months calibrating the engine management system, including many hours of chassis dyno development. With a thorough understanding of the ECU’s torque structure, APR’s Calibration Engineers properly increased engine load …

Toys For Tots

Posted on December 15, 2014 – 9:13 am

Over 500 toys and $1388 in money donations! The crew have once again delivered an amazing event! Despite a much larger regional toy drive the weekend before, a good amount of the Seattle area car enthusiast community came together one more time to benefit Toys For Tots at the 2014 Winter Toy Drive & Meet here at Achtuning. Those of you who took the time to spend the afternoon with us and donate, THANK YOU!!  We hope you had a good time.

2014 Winter Toy Drive & Meet by

Posted on December 9, 2014 – 9:00 am

Join us at Achtuning this Saturday, December 13th at 11am for’s 2014 Winter Toy Drive & Meet. That’s 11am on 12/13/14!

Click the image above to be directed to the Facebook event page and RSVP for the event and let us know you’re coming. This informal gathering is a winter meet for the Pacific Northwest automotive community and hosted at Achtuning to benefit Toys For Tots King County. Please bring unwrapped toys and/or check/cash donations.  Food truck vendors will also be on site to keep your tummies full.

Sponsor opportunities: To donate product for a raffle and other sponsor opportunities, please contact

AWE Tuning S-FLO Filter for A6, A7, & RS7

Posted on December 4, 2014 – 8:30 am

Audi C7 owners have spoken. They want more from their cars. So here is a quick and easy solution to more power. Presenting the AWE Tuning S-FLO Filter for A6, A7, & RS7. Available now!

The same filter featured in AWE Tuning’s S-FLO Carbon Intake, the AWE Tuning S-FLO Air Filter was engineered in-house to be a direct replacement of your factory air filter. Just bigger. And better. And a perfect fit for Audi C7 A6, A7 and RS7 Audis.

Employing the proprietary AWE Tuning S-FLO Filter technology, the AWE Tuning S-FLO Filter is the largest that can fit within the factory air box. This direct factory replacement filter is a washable, oiled, large cylindrical filter, that flows better than the stock filter.

Washable oil coated filter.
Mounts in factory location – Fitment Guaranteed.
Increased air flow over the stock paper …

The AWE Tuning Audi A6 3.0T Touring Edition Exhaust and Downpipe System

Posted on December 3, 2014 – 12:00 pm

The AWE Tuning A6 3.0T Touring Edition Exhaust is something special.  When the Audi (C7) A6 and A7 came out, it would have been simple to repurpose the A7 system for the A6.  But after sound evaluations, AWE decided… it didn’t work.  So back to the drawing board they went to create a bespoke Audi A6 system that would produce acoustics perfect for the A6.  This is a one-of-a-kind A6 system.

AWE Tuning Audi A6 Touring Edition Exhaust and Downpipe system highlights:

Specially engineered for the A6 – this is not a repurposed A7 system
Featuring AWE Tuning 180 Technology™
Available as full system with downpipes, or as just the Touring Edition system
Direct Bolt on
Max power gains of 12hp and 11tq at the crank
Peak power gains of 10hp and 3tq at the crank
System includes exhaust and downpipes
Does not affect or alter emissions devices, completely street legal
No Check Engine Light Guarantee
Lifetime …

S-FLO Carbon Intake for Audi S6 & S7

Posted on December 3, 2014 – 11:00 am

Introducing AWE Tuning’s S-FLO Carbon Intake for Audi’s (C7) S6 and S7!

Power. Fitment. Perfection. The trifecta our Audi S6 and S7 customers are looking for.

Max gains of +20 hp and +21 ft-lbs of torque at the crank.
Perfect fitment, perfectly engineered.
Mounts to factory locations – Fitment Guaranteed.
Fully enclosed carbon fiber air box ensures maximum efficiency
Features high flow AWE Tuning S-FLO Filter.
Designed, engineered, and tested in-house at AWE Tuning.

The AWE Tuning S-FLO Carbon Intake was engineered in house to draw in large volumes of cool air to produce impressive power gains and look good doing it.


The line up:
AWE Tuning S-FLO Carbon Intake
The AWE Tuning S-FLO Carbon Intake is the complete suite, containing the AWE Tuning S-FLO Carbon Airbox, the AWE Tuning S-FLO Filter, our engineered …

Vogtland Coilovers: FREE “GT” Upgrade!

Posted on December 3, 2014 – 10:00 am

Buy a standard Vogtland coilover kit from Achtuning for your Audi (B5) A4/S4 or Audi (B6/B7) A4 and receive a FREE “GT” upgrade!  ($100 value)  Unlike standard kits the Vogtland GT coilover kits offer a stiffer rear spring rate, helping to reduce vehicle under-steer and better overall for spirited and track driving yet ride compliant for daily street duties.  Enter coupon code “FREEGT” during check-out for your free upgrade.

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