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Posted on July 31, 2015 – 2:00 pm

ACHTUNING is currently looking for performance oriented, enthusiastic Audi and/or Volkswagen factory trained (preferred) technician to add to our growing team!  If you feel you qualify, please email your resume to!

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Hartmann Wheel Container Arrival

Posted on July 23, 2015 – 11:23 am

Our first (long over-due) ‪Hartmann Wheel‬ container of the season is here! We will be unloading 850+ wheels today with more containers to follow that will finally replenish inventory. We also have a new SKU to add to the Hartmann Wheel line-up. Now available is the HRS7-163-MA:M (matte-anthracite/machined) in a 20×9 with a +29mm offset.

Have a set of wheels on backorder? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can finalize your order. Otherwise, expect a call from our sales department as soon as we get done putting all of these wheels away!

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HTT-256-MA:M Hartmann Wheel Backorders

Posted on July 15, 2015 – 12:12 pm

HTT-256-MA:M (matte-anthracite/machined) ‪‎Hartmann Wheels‬ will be back in stock as early as next week! Those of you who have a set on back-order will be hearing from us soon. Those of you interested in a set, get a hold of your ACHTUNING sales representative and pre-order yours today!!

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Spend $500+ at Achtuning, get FREE Girl Scout Cookies!

Posted on February 23, 2015 – 9:45 am

The next 30 online orders or in-house purchases over $500 at #Achtuning will come with a FREE (random) box of Girl Scout Cookies​!

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Hartmann Wheel Container Prep

Posted on October 22, 2014 – 10:29 am

We’re getting ready to receive several Hartmann Wheel containers that will replenish inventory and allow us to fulfill our back-orders.  Those of you who have been patiently waiting, THANK YOU!! We will be reaching out to you soon to finalize your order.

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APR DirectPort Programming For ALL!

Posted on September 17, 2014 – 10:00 am

Achtuning is excited to announce that APR’s world renowned DirectPort Programming (DPP) will be available for nearly all Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and other VAG vehicles produced between 2008 to today!  Gone are the days where most ECUs need to be removed and opened to install an APR ECU Upgrade.  DPP will allow us to flash APR ECU Upgrades directly to your MED17.x and EDC17.x ECU customers over the factory OBD-II diagnostic port with ease.  Welcome to a better world of APR ECU tuning.  We call it Performance Without Compromise!

Not only is APR’s DPP stealthy and less labor intensive, but also allows the release of several highly anticipated APR ECU Upgrades.  Customers of the newer flex fuel B8.5 A4 & A5 2.0Ts, various newer 3.0 TDIs and newer TT, CC & Tiguan 2.0Ts will be elated to know APR’s ECU Upgrades will be available shortly.  Furthermore, with the ability to distribute ECU Upgrades without requiring new flashing devices, APR’s Calibration Engineers are now able to work on various TDI and newer gasoline models like the recently released 1.4 TSI.

APR will debut the new DirectPort Programming at H2O International on the weekend of September 26th.  Support through Achtuning will follow starting the week after for applicable platforms.  All mentioned previously unsupported ECUs will also be supported at the show*.

Currently released Bosch MED17.x and EDC17.x ECU upgrades applicable to this release:

– 1.4 Turbo (Ex. A1)
– 1.4 Twincharger (Ex. MKV Polo)
– 1.8T EA888 Gen 1 Transverse (Ex. MK2 A3)
– 1.8T EA888 Gen 1 Longitudinal (Ex. B8 A4)
– 2.0T EA888 Gen 1 Transverse (Ex. MK6 GTI)
– 2.0T EA888 Gen 1 Longitudinal (Ex. Amarok)
– 2.0T EA888 Gen 2 Transverse (Ex. MKII TT)
– 2.0T EA888 Gen 2 Longitudinal (Ex B8 A4)
– 2.0 TDI CR Transverse (Ex. MK6 Golf)
– 2.0 TDI CR Longitudinal (Ex. B8 A4)
– 2.0 TDI CR Biturbo (Ex. Amarok)
– 3.0 TDI CR (Ex. C7 A6)
– 3.0 TDI CR Biturbo (Ex. SQ5)
– 3.6L FSI VR6 (Ex. C7 Passat)
– 4.0 TFSI (Ex. RS7)
– 4.2L FSI V8 (Ex. RS5)

Previously unsupported models:

– Late model 2.0 TSI CC and Tiguan
– Late model 2.0 TFSI TT
– Late model 2.0 TFSI B8.5 A4 and A5
– Late model TDI models

*Please note: there are numerous ECU box codes and revisions.  During the H2Oi release, some will not be available.  ECUs not currently available will need to be extracted and then will be made available at Achtuning upon release.

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Necessary Carbon Cleaning

Posted on June 23, 2014 – 10:00 am

A long over-due carbon cleaning service was performed on our Volkswagen CC last Friday.

As you may (or may not) know our direct injected engines suffer from carbon build-up on the intake valves. Over time this build-up begins to have an effect on the performance of your engine, resulting in a rough idle, possible engine start issues, and ultimately robbing you of power. We recommend our customers have their intake valves cleaned every 30-35K miles. We (probably shouldn’t have) waited until 70K…

With the service complete the CC purrs now at start-up and power levels are up where they should be with immediate (and smooth) throttle response! If you haven’t yet, give us a call at 425-895-0000 and REVIVE your direct injection engine with a carbon clean service at Achtuning!

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ACHTUN!NG Volkswagen (Mk7) GTI

Posted on June 3, 2014 – 10:00 am

Volkswagen’s 7th generation GTI has just landed in the US and Achtuning has already added one to the fleet! A set of 18″ Hartmann Euromesh 4-GS have already been installed and we’ve got suspension on the way from H&R!!

The wheels are 18×8 +40mm offset up front, +32mm offset out back with the factory 225/40-18 tires wrapped around them. (We threw on the +32 offset we offer out back and installed H&R’s 5mm spacers with the +45 offset we offer up front.)

Stay tuned here on our blog or interact directly with us as we update you on the Achtuning VW (Mk7) GTI project on Facebook, Instagram, and in our Mk7 GTI specific thread on!

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Volkswagen (Mk6) Jetta GLI: Brakes, Suspension, & Wheels

Posted on May 13, 2014 – 4:58 pm

Monte brought us his brand new, Volkswagen (Mk6) Jetta GLI in for a few upgrades and personalization.  StopTech’s “SportStop” slotted rotors and semi-metallic “Posi-Quiet” brake pads eliminate the soft pedal feel of the factory brakes while producing less brake dust. An H&R “Sport” spring kit drops the GLI 1.3″ on all 4-corners for that “Euro” stance and better handling thanks to the lower center of gravity.  We wrapped up today’s appointment with the installation of 19″ Hartmann HRS6-204-GA:M wheels after mounting and balancing a set of tires sent to us from Tire Rack.

What do you think?

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Karl’s APR “Stage 3+” Audi RS4

Posted on March 31, 2014 – 9:00 am

Karl already brought us his Audi (B7) RS4 once to have an APR “Stage 3″ supercharger kit installed. But when APR recently released their new “Stage 3+” kit featuring a bigger (Eaton TVS1740) blower, Karl had to have it! So, back “under the knife” his RS4 went for yet another heart transplant as we pulled out the not-even-year-old “Stage 3″ (Eaton TVS1320) supercharger, transforming this car again but from monster to BEAST!

The APR Stage III+ TVS1740 Supercharger System fills the void by adding an average of roughly 40% more horsepower and torque across the entire power band. The results are nothing short of amazing; taking the RS4 from 414 horsepower stock to 626 horsepower on pump fuel and 688 on race fuel without breaking a sweat! With more than 500 FT-LBS on tap thanks to the TVS1740’s positive displacement supercharger expect instant acceleration with absolutely no lag commonly associated with other forms of forced induction.

To better handle this new found power we looked to Southbend Performance who sent us a “Stage 3 Endurance” kit from their DXD Racing Clutch product line, rated to handle torque levels upwards of 665 ft/lb. And since Karl is consistently putting his RS4 through its paces on the track, new SPC X-Axis control bushings were installed to help remove any deflection and movement within the previously installed SPC adjustable control arms.

Fulfilling both daily driving as well as weekend track duties for Karl, it was important to maintain reliability and drive-ability. We have no doubt this RS4 will perform and exceed Karl’s expectations. APR is consistent by providing the best of both worlds offering quality and performance without compromise. When you’re ready to take your Audi RS4 to that next level, don’t hesitate to bring it to Achtuning – your Pacific Northwest #1 resource for all things APR!!

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