Hartmann Wheels “Blem” Sale 2016 Q1: Save 20%!

Posted on February 1, 2016 – 2:00 pm

“What is a “blem” wheel?
A blem (blemished) wheel is a wheel that has been held in stock from our final inspection process, typically due to minor imperfections in the paint. These imperfections are typically quite small at around 1mm in size, they are usually due to contamination by small specks of dust or lint in the paint. These are new wheels, never have been used or even had a tire mounted.

“Are their pictures of the specific wheels available?”
We typically do not provide images of the specific wheels as the blemishes are quite small and difficult to capture on camera and it is also quite time consuming to pull the wheels and photograph each individual one. These blemishes are not visible on a casual look and only noticeable on close inspection.

“Are there wheels on sale which are not blemished?”
We also have a few sets of wheels which have had tires mounted and dismounted, usually for test fitments, photo shoots and occasionally just from a customer that changed their mind on the wheel style. These may not have any visible defects however there are telltale signs that tires have been mounted and so we choose not to sell them as “new”.

“Which ones fit my vehicle?”
This post will list all styles and sizes available, if you’re unsure of the fitment you can crosscheck with http://hartmannwheels.com/audi-wheels or http://shop.achtuning.com/Audi-Perfo…-Products.aspx. You’re also welcome to call us at 425-895-0000 or e-mail Sales@Achtuning.com. Hubcentric rings for vehicles with 57.1mm hub diameter are provided free of charge.

“Are tires available?”
We are closing out of tires and have very limited availability. We do have an option for our customers to order tires from Tire Rack and send them to our location for free mounting and balancing on their wheel purchase. We have the following sizes and styles of tires in stock:
235/45-17 Falken PT-722 $390-set
245/40-19 Falken PT-722 $700-set
245/40-18 Falken FK-452 $580-set
245/45-18 Falken FK-452 $670-set
245/40R18 Dunlop Winter Sport 3D $560-set
235/45R19 Dunlop Winter Sport 3D $560-set

“How do I order?”
We do not have these available for online purchase, please call 425-895-0000 to order, thank you!

Hartmann HRS4-DTM-GS
18×8.5″ ET 38 5×112 (mixed 57.1mm centerbore and 66.56mm centerbore so no B8 or C7 fitment) $899-set

Hartmann HRS7-163-MA:M
19×8.5″ ET 25 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $992-set
19×8.5″ ET 38 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $992-set
20×9.0″ ET 29 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $1,184-set

Hartmann HRS6-204-GS
18×8.0″ ET 32 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $928-set
19×8.5″ ET 38 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $992-set
20×9.0″ ET 40 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $1,184-set

Hartmann HRS6-204-GA:M
19×8.5″ ET 47 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $799-set

Hartmann HS5-209-GA:M
19×8.5″ ET 35 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $992-set
20×9.0″ ET 40 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $1,184-set

Hartmann HRS4-252-GS
20×9.0″ ET 40 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $1,184-set
20×9.0″ ET 25 5×130 71.60mm centerbore (Gen 1 Q7 facelift only) $1,099-set
20×9.0″ ET 50 5×130 71.60mm centerbore (Gen 1 Q7 pre-facelift) $1,099-set
22×9.5″ ET 50 5×130 71.60mm centerbore (Gen 1 Q7 pre-facelift) $1,199-set

Hartmann HRS4-252-SS
19×8.5″ ET 47 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $749-set

Hartmann HRS4-252-GA:M
20×9.0″ ET 40 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $849-set

Hartmann HTT-256-GS
19×8.5″ ET 38 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $992-set

Hartmann HTT-256-MA:M
19×8.5″ ET 47 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $992-set
20×9.0″ ET 29 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $1,184-set

Hartmann HLP-410-GS:M
19×8.5″ ET 38 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $992-set

Hartmann HR8-GA:M
18×8.0″ ET 32 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $849-set
19×8.0″ ET 35 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $899-set

Hartmann Euromesh 3-GS:ML
19×8.5″ ET 47 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $992-set
19×8.5″ ET 48 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $992-set

Hartmann Euromesh 4-GS
18×8.0″ ET 32 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $928-set
18×8.0″ ET 45 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $928-set

Hartmann HGTI-139-MB
18×8.0″ ET 32 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $399-set

Hartmann HGTI-139-MB
18×8.0″ ET 45 5×112 66.56mm centerbore $799-set

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HPO-310 Hartmann Wheels for Porsche

Posted on January 28, 2016 – 4:30 pm

Marko rolled by to check out the Fuchs-inspired Hartmann HPO-310 wheels in person after seeing them online. After a quick glance he made his decision!

The Hartmann HPO-310 wheels are 19×8.5 up front and 19×11 out back with a +48mm and +52mm offset respectively, filling out the fenders perfectly.

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Welcome to the VW Family, John!

Posted on January 26, 2016 – 4:30 pm

John joins the ‪‎VW‬ community with this brand new ‪‎Limestone Grey‬ ‪Golf R‬ and immediately equips it with a set of 18″ ‪‎Euromesh 4‬ ‪‎Hartmann Wheels‬. We like the way he rolls…

Welcome to the VW family, John!

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NEUSPEED RSe10 Wheels In Stock!

Posted on January 4, 2016 – 10:00 am

Achtuning is now STOCKING the all new RSe10 light weight wheels from NEUSPEED.  The RSe10 features a clean and simple spoke profile yet carries enough detail around the lug hole area to separate itself from other split 5-spoke wheels out there in the market.

Each RSe10 is spec-ed specifically for the assigned vehicle, which translates to complete direct bolt-on fitment utilizing factory lug bolts, center caps, as well as tire pressure monitoring sensors (if applicable) – No spacers!! Weighing just a mere 23.5 lbs, The RSe10 wheels will enhance your driving experience cosmetically as well as performance by reducing the rotational mass or un-sprung weight.  The following sizes/finishes are in stock, ready to ship!

  • Finish:  Machine Silver & Satin Gun Metal
  • Size: 18×8.5, 18×9.0, 19×8.5, and 19×9.0
  • Offset (E.T.): +45mm
  • PCD (Bolt Pattern): 5-112
  • Center Bore: 66.56mm / 57.1mm (with hub ring)
  • Weight: 23 lbs.

RSe wheels are OEM TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) compatible.

Every RSe wheel comes with ‘RS’ center caps.  However, one can choose to utilize early style OEM Audi or VW center caps as well as mounting lug bolts, which are not included with the wheel.

Audi cap part #: 4B0 601 170
VW cap part #: 3B7 601 171

NEUSPEED RSe10 wheels are 10% off at Achtuning!  Contact a member of the Achtuning sales team to order yours today!  425-895-0000 | sales@achtuning.com

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Outfitting New Wheels On A New Audi A3

Posted on December 29, 2015 – 9:00 am

George dropped off a new Audi A3 and picked out a set of 18″ Euromesh 4-GA (gloss-anthracite/machined) Hartmann Wheels wrapped with a set of all-season tires to replace the factory 17s.

The +45 offset leaves room for a more aggressive fit via wheel spacers if later desired, but we will leave that to George and his better half to add when the time comes.

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Nick’s Golf 7 R Is Winter Ready!

Posted on December 22, 2015 – 12:09 pm

Winter is here, and Nick is well prepared for snow covered roads after picking up a set of 18×8.5″ HRS4-DTM Hartmann Wheels wrapped in Winter rubber, his new and dedicated Winter wheel set-up.

Compared to other 18″ wheel options in the Hartmann Wheel line-up for VW (Mk5-7) Golf fitment, these HRS4-DTM wheels provide a better contact patch with a half-inch wider width, allowing our customers to run a 235/40 tire. The offset of the HRS4-DTMs are perfect, putting the face of the wheel just behind the edge of the fender for an aggressive look.

An APR Stage 1 software upgrade was also added to enhance this Golf R’s performance capabilities. The extra ability to grip the road with the slightly wider tire is an added bonus!

Since they share the same wheel specs, the 18×8.5 +47 Hartmann HRS4-DTM Wheels also fit the Audi A3 and TT, in case you were wondering. Call our sales team at 425-895-0000 and pick up a set, or visit our online store and we’ll ship a set out to you right away!

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Drivetrain Upgrades for the Achtuning (Mk7) GTI

Posted on December 1, 2015 – 11:53 am

Since replacing the stock IS20 turbo on the Achtuning VW (Mk7) GTI with the IS38 turbo from a Golf R we needed to eliminate weak points within the drivetrain to better put down the extra power.  An upgraded “Stage 2 Daily” clutch and flywheel from Southbend would allow us to climb through the gears without missing a beat…

… While a WaveTrac limited slip differential keeps both feet firmly planted to the ground and evenly distributing power, eliminating torque steer.

As far as we know this is the first manual transmission equipped VW (Mk7) GTI to receive the WaveTrac upgrade and we can’t wait to put the GTI through its paces on the track to test the new upgrades!


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17″ Winter Wheel & Tire Package for VW Golf R

Posted on November 12, 2015 – 2:37 pm

Every chance he gets, Ted is up in the mountains during the Winter months shredding snow wherever he can. With reports of snow falling in our regional mountain passes it was time to do some Winter wheel and tire shopping for his new Golf R. While we would typically go through our Hartmann Wheel options, we thought to try on one of our OEM Winter Wheel & Tire Packages we currently have available and are pleased to see we have an option for VW (Mk5-7) GTI and Mk6/7 Golf R owners.

This OEM Volkswagen Winter wheel and tire package consists of 17×6.5 wheels with a +39mm offset and wrapped with 205/50R17 Dunlop Winter Sport 4D tires. Priced at only $1039.96 for the complete package (OEM caps included!) it’s a steal and a no-brainer decision for Ted so he can immediately head up the pass and take on those slopes!

We will be adding this Winter wheel and tire package to the Golf R category of our online store. Meanwhile, order your set by calling 425-895-0000 and our sales representatives will be happy to process your order. Feel free to call or email sales@achtuning.com if you have any questions!

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HRS4-DTM Hartmann Wheels on our VW Mk7 GSW

Posted on August 14, 2015 – 11:55 am

The first set of high offset Hartmann HRS4-DTM ‪wheels‬ have just been installed on the Achtuning VW Golf Sportwagen‬!

Wheel specs are 18×8.5 +47 and the ‪‎GSW‬ is lowered on a GTI‬-specific “Sport Spring” kit from Vogtland while we wait for application specific coilovers to become available. What do you think?

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HRS7-163 Hartmann Wheels

Posted on August 12, 2015 – 3:19 pm

Jason’s A4 avant as it sits on H&R “Street Performance” coilovers with our 19″ HRS7-163 Hartmann Wheels. The Achtuning “Signature Ride Height” leaves enough room for you to clear your daily obstacles without issue while allowing a more aggressive wheel offset to give the avant a more European stance.  Looks fantastic, if we are allowed to say so ourselves!

Both suspension kits and wheels are IN STOCK, ready to ship as soon as we receive your order! Call 425-895-0000 or email sales@achtuning.com.

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